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Red Seal Trades

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Earn More, Gain Job Security, Work Across Canada

Are you a tradesperson with extensive experience who has never been certified in Canada? Have you been struggling to find appropriate work in your sector that matches your skill and experience level? Or are you dependent on an employer because of visa restrictions, unable to pursue better opportunities elsewhere? It’s frustrating when we don’t get the jobs we deserve.

Get the Red Seal Certification

A Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) is your ticket to better jobs, higher wages and superior career growth. An RSE lets employers know that you’re a highly qualified and competent tradesperson with all the skills and proficiency they are looking for.

Whether a trade certification is compulsory or voluntary in your province, a Red Seal certification proves that you have the knowledge required for the national standard in your trade. Moreover, you have the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere in Canada, without being tied to one employer or province or territory.

Become a Red Seal Certified Tradesperson

Any tradesperson who wants to get a Red Seal endorsement has to pass the Red Seal examination to demonstrate they meet the Canadian standard for practicing their trade. However, before taking the exam, you have to prove you are eligible. You can challenge the Red Seal exam and get certified if you have the minimum number of hours of related work experience plus evidence that you have worked in the full scope of the trade, along with a few other requirements (depending on your trade).

To apply to challenge the certification exam, you need to send in an exam challenge application package with all the information to your provincial or territorial apprenticeship and certification authority. Once the exam challenge application is approved by the trade body, you will be allowed to sit for the exam.

Is all this confusing, challenging, too hard to understand? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you become a Red Seal Designated Journey person.

Red Seal Trades

Get The Ashton Advantage

Ashton College offers online Red Seal exam preparation courses in these trades:  Carpenter, Plumber, Construction Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Heavy Equipment Operator, and Automotive Service Technician.

Our intensive course helps you review all the trade-specific concepts and theory you will need to challenge and successfully pass the Red Seal Examination. Our faculty-led online sessions will include important assignments and multiple-choice tests to get you fully ready for the exam.

Our faculty, who are Red Seal certified practitioners themselves, will work with you to identify the areas you need the most help with. Since they know the most common types of problems students face during the exam, they offer valuable tips, techniques and solutions that you can quickly learn and apply.

Ashton College is the Right Choice for you

  • We prepare you well, such that you feel confident about taking the exam.
  • Our classes focus on areas that are problematic for you.
  • Since our classes are offered online, you can train to become a qualified, skilled journeyperson at your own pace, without leaving your home or city.

Enroll in a prep program of your choice today, challenge the Red Seal Exam successfully and become a Red Seal Designated trades person.

Red Seal Trades Courses

Red Seal Heavy Equipment Operator

This course is for Heavy Equipment Operators who want to challenge the Red Seal exam.

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Red Seal Automotive Service Technician

This course is for Automotive Service Technicians who want to challenge the Red Seal exam.

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Red Seal Plumber

This course is for plumbing professionals who want to challenge the Red Seal exam.

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Red Seal Industrial Electrician

This course is for Industry Electricians who want to challenge the Red Seal exam.

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Red Seal Construction Electrician

This course is for construction electricians who want to challenge the Red Seal exam.

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Red Seal Carpenter

This course is for carpentry professionals who want to challenge the “Red Seal” exam.

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