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What is the SHRM? Why is it Important for Human Resource Professionals? 

By: Adam Rosman

Published On: September 1, 2022

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SHRM Academic Alignment

Ashton College is proud to announce its Diploma in Human Resources Management (DHRM) program has been academically aligned with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The SHRM is an organization that focuses on the betterment of workplaces between employers and employees. They help evolve workplaces with different techniques and practices, helping millions of people in over 100 countries. After completing the program, students can apply for an SHRM designation, validating to the Human Resource industry of their competencies, knowledge, and leadership.

With this, graduates will be able to transform the workplace, making any company more attractive and competitive. Continue reading for a brief overview of the certification process, the types of designations, and the membership benefits. 

Certification Process 

The process to get this certification is more than just taking an exam, there is a Certification Process that everyone must go through: 

1) Career Alignment: You must see if it aligns with your future as an HR professional. 

2) Exam type: You have the SHRM-CP and the SHRM-SCP exams, and they both have eligibility guidelines for what type of HR work you do currently. 

3) SHRM BASK™(Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge™): a system developed by SHRM that covers all the competencies a true HR professional need. 

4) Exam day: Once you are ready, you can take the exam. Note that exam periods are from May to July, and December to February, so plan accordingly. 

Once you have passed the test, you get your designation. You will earn your digital certificate and badge, proving that you have properly earned your SHRM certification.  

Recertification Process 

To recertify, you need to do it every three years from when you were certified. You can do this by using your Professional Development Credits (PDCs) or by re-taking the same exam you took when you first got certified. PDCs help with tracking your continuous process of staying certified. If you choose to recertify with PDCs, you must have 60 credits within a three-year period. You can earn these credits via approved events and activities by the SHRM organization, which includes our other Human Resources Continuing Education courses: 

What are the designations? What are their differences? 

The designations that SHRM offers are the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and the SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). They help validate aspiring future HR professionals by demonstrating their knowledge in Human Resources.  

They use their proprietary BASK™ system which highlights the many competencies and knowledge that a model HR professional should know and more. The following are their differences:  


The SHRM-CP exam is for those that have at least three and at most five years of experience with operational/tactical roles. These are for HR professionals that implement the day-to-day operations as well as policy implementation and acting as HR’s point of contact. 


The SHRM-SCP exam is for those with at least six years in the strategic role. It includes program, policy, and procedure planning, executing HR operations, as well as handling and interpreting performance metrics. 

Exam Format 

For both SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP, the exam is computer based, consists of 134 questions and are given four hours to complete. It covers the nine behavioural competencies and 14 functional areas of the BASK™ system. 200 is the score required to pass and you will be given the results immediately. 

Membership Benefits 

As for memberships, Ashton College helps provide a cost reduction once you complete our DHRM program. This membership provides a multitude of resources which includes advisory help from HR experts, platforms to connect with HR professionals around the world, and the latest news pertaining to this evolving field.  

What's Next?

Now you know just how useful getting a designation by the SHRM is. Remember that our Diploma in Human Resources Management program is academically aligned with the SHRM. You can sign up here today and be on your way to take the HR world by storm! If you're interested in pursuing an SHRM Certification, check out our SHRM Preparation Course.


The information contained in this post is considered true and accurate as of the publication date. However, the accuracy of this information may be impacted by changes in circumstances that occur after the time of publication. Ashton College assumes no liability for any error or omissions in the information contained in this post or any other post in our blog. 


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