14 thoughts on “ICCRC: Changing the Requirements for Immigration Consulting Programs

  1. I am interested in taking up the course. I finished a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippines. What kind of proof should I secure from my school in the Philippines as part of admission at Ashton? Thank you

  2. Dear Concern Authority,
    Could u please tell me why after 3 years completion of the diploma of Immigration Consultant program is not validate in order to sit for the license exam. Student spent lot of money for this diploma certificate. Might be any reason some student can’t sit for the license exam in time. This rule is not good for the students. ICCRC should thought positively about this issue.

    • Hi Siddhertha,

      ICCRC has set education requirements to ensure that students are well-prepared under the most current immigration law. However, there are still options to do the license exam for those who have waited for over 3 years after their program. Please see the ICCRC registration guide for more information:

      Here is the excerpt from page 11:
      “If you have successfully completed an accredited immigration practitioner program more than three years ago, your OFFICIAL academic transcript must be accompanied by an ORIGINAL academic letter of standing issued by an educational institution currently accredited to offer the immigration practitioner program confirming that, in the educational institution’s opinion, you are deemed to be academically comparable to a current year’s graduate from that institution’s immigration program. Depending on how long ago you originally graduated, you may need to complete one, two or more refresher courses in order to receive the letter. Refresher training may consist of completing a number of challenge exams or enrolling in a new updated course and completing a new exam. Please note that the letter of academic standing is valid for one (1) year only and does not re-extend the academic validity period of your documents by three years.”

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Harmeet,

      Current language requirements for the ICCRC Full-Skills Exam are:
      – CLB 8 for English, and
      – NCLC 8 for French.

  3. Can a person not take the exam if they have had over 10 years experience doing immigration applications, ( no fee) and working with a immigration lawyer? i do not live close to any of the schools that offer the program, and online was too difficult ( i tried) as i was not close enough to do group projects or find books etc.

    • Hello Lucine,

      As per the ICCRC website, “Applicants are required to write and pass a Full Skills Exam (FSE) prior to being accepted into the Council”.
      The best way to learn about the process of becoming an RCIC is by contacting ICCRC directly. You can find their contact information here: http://iccrc-crcic.info/
      Hope this helps!

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