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Getting Intuit QuickBooks Certification

By: Ronda Payne

Published On: June 14, 2019

Bookkeepers and those interested in the occupation will already be aware of the importance of having Intuit QuickBooks training. QuickBooks is the preferred accounting software of more than 5.6 million users around the world including both online and desktop users. It doesn’t really matter why QuickBooks has gained the success it has or what its preferred features are, what matters is that anyone in the bookkeeping field should consider QuickBooks certification for a wide range of reasons. The software is easy enough for beginners to use, but advanced enough to adapt to the unique needs of various business types. It also comes in an online version that is cloud-based and does not require installation on a computer, whereas the desktop version requires installation and is confined to the device or server it is installed on.

To earn QuickBooks certification, there is a user exam and fortunately, upon signing up, students will have a choice of taking the exam for either version of the software – online or desktop – whichever they prefer.

Why Earn QuickBooks Certification in Canada

There is a number of reasons to earn certification for QuickBooks in Canada, but here, we’ll focus on what we see as the top three:

1. Improve your employability
Not everyone has QuickBooks certification and those who do, have an edge over others competing for the same jobs. QuickBooks certification may not be a requirement for an administrative role (even one that includes bookkeeping aspects), or bookkeeping or accounting roles, but having knowledge and skills in QuickBooks in Canada can be a differentiator when other job seekers don’t have it.

This desire employers have for QuickBooks education comes from the dominance the software has in the small business accounting space. Simply showing you have QuickBooks training on your resume can be the difference-maker that gets you hired. Plus don’t let the term “small business” sway you away from getting QuickBooks certification. By some standards, a small business is one with 500 employees or less – which really doesn’t seem small at all!

Plus, because it has specialty apps and software within it, those who have QuickBooks certification can not only hit the ground running, they can also take the lead on the software for the accounting of certain types of businesses. Certification proves not only that you can adequately run the software, but you also excel at it and can do things other basic users may not be aware of.

2. Start your own bookkeeping firm
If you’re ready to go out on your own as a bookkeeper, you likely want to steer your future clients towards one type of software to reduce the number of tools you have to access and work with. With QuickBooks training behind you, clients will know that you have experience with an accounting software tool that they have heard of and may already have in place and understand to one degree or another.

QuickBooks offers certification as an accountant user which gives access to a number of tools regular users don’t have access to. Through certification training, you’ll learn about these tools and how useful they can be for you and your clients. Before you launch your business, ensure that you are fully prepared by completing a bookkeeping or accounting program.

3. Ensure your small business records are in top shape
So many small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs take on multiple roles, but with the power of QuickBooks certification behind them, they need not do it alone. Like any accounting software tool, the best way to use it is to learn how it works before plugging numbers in and that comes from certification training. The advanced level of training will ensure you know how the software works, what you need to do and how to stay on top of every aspect of your business finances with the least amount of effort and time.

Many entrepreneurs are “do-it-on-the-fly” type people, but financial records are no place for trial and error. The certification itself likely doesn’t matter to you (or to your business for that matter), but what does matter is the training that comes from a QuickBooks certification course.

In all three cases, those who take QuickBooks training will learn tips and tricks for using QuickBooks. You’ll learn how to fix issues that others may be stumped over and, most importantly, you’ll be able to show someone else how to use QuickBooks. This means that regardless of your reason for taking certification courses, you can train others to help you with various accounting and bookkeeping duties as your job grows and changes.

If you haven’t yet taken a bookkeeping or accounting education program, rest assured that QuickBooks will be mentioned and may even be part of the courses. While the program you choose may not include the complete QuickBooks training, you will be exposed to QuickBooks in a way that will make the software familiar and intuitive to you should you wish to proceed with certification afterwards. If your bookkeeping or accounting education does include the certification training, you’ll be that much further ahead when you graduate from your chosen program.

Another additional benefit is that QuickBooks offers the software free to students when they are taking programs that align with the Intuit Education program. Software support is also available to students free of charge.

Taking QuickBooks certification courses and other accounting courses is as easy as finding a local educator that offers the program, or, if you prefer, many education institutions offer an online version of the program. Regardless of your preferred education method and no matter why you’re taking the training, both types of education allow you to receive the information you need to meet your end goals.

If you want to prioritize your continuing education and take a QuickBooks course online, remember, this course will prove to others that you have the knowledge and skills in professional accountancy, and make you a valuable resource to any team or organization.


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  1. Vicky Richardson says:

    I am looking to get certified in QBO, can you provide that info & cost


  2. Maria Bychkova says:

    Hi Camila,

    Thank you for your interest in the Quickbooks Course. Please visit this page on our website to learn more about it:

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our admissions officer at [email protected]

  3. Camila Santos says:

    I would like to know more informations about the Quickbook course, as price and the hours for the course. Thanks.

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