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Pros and Cons of Canada’s Immigration System and How You can Obtain Help

By: Ronda Payne

Published On: September 6, 2019

Canada’s immigration system is good, but that doesn’t mean it is without its challenges. While the responsibility to create an ideal life in Canada once they arrive remains with the individual or family that’s applying, it helps if the experience of immigrating to the country is smooth and easy.

If you want to avoid unnecessary complications, it’s advisable to work with an immigration consultant who has taken an immigration consultant program and is certified through the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). There have been issues in the past of unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of potential immigrants and misrepresenting themselves and the work they can do.

Listed below are some things to know about the Canadian immigration system:

1. Through the ICCRC and the provincial law registry bodies, individuals looking to immigrate and hire a certified immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer can make contact with regulatory agencies to ensure the person they are considering working with is licensed to help and represent them. The Canadian government recently began implementing several policies to ensure the safety of potential immigrants and enforce adherence to various standards by immigration consultants.

However, the process of selecting an immigrant consultant is still not foolproof. For those who are unaware of the Canadian system, it is still somewhat of a case of “buyer beware,” and potential immigrants may be fooled into believing they are working with the right individual when they may not be a certified member of the ICCRC.

2. There is a wide range of programs, often referred to as “streams” through which potential immigrants can apply for immigration to Canada. These streams include Express Entry, Provincial Nominee, Rural and Northern Immigration, Family sponsorships and many others. This, too, is a bit of a double-edged sword.

Because there are so many different programs to apply for immigration through, it is incredibly challenging for someone who is not well-versed with the system to choose the best one and the one most likely to lead to successful immigration. For this reason, it’s important to work with an experienced consultant who has taken a certified immigration consultant course and is certified through the ICCRC.

3. People often have a perception that coming to Canada will change their lives, that it is the land of golden opportunities, but there are no such promises. You may find a better life in Canada, but it will take hard work and commitment.

4. If an immigration consultant, or someone claiming to be one, promises things like getting you a job as part of the services he/she offers, you should find a different consultant to work with.

5. Canada has always been a compassionate country. This is apparent in the number of refugees the country accepts. Last year alone, the country took in 28,000 refugees, more than the U.S.

6. Canada recognizes same-sex marriages, common-law marriages and common-law partnerships.

The Canadian government has recognized that it needs immigrants to help support the economy. The most desirable provinces for immigration are BC, Ontario and Quebec. This means that despite other provinces and territories wanting and needing skilled labourers and a variety of other potential immigrants, the government has so far been unsuccessful in steering many immigrants to these regions.

Canada is a country of immigrants, and the evolving culture of the country has its origins firmly rooted there. For the most part, immigrants are welcomed in Canada. For some newcomers, the transition process is smooth. For others, that may not be the case. Many new immigrants seek out their own communities to start with before feeling comfortable and confident. Several cities have smaller pockets, like “Little India,” “Little Italy,” “Chinatown,” and so on. The immigration consultant you choose to work with might be able to offer you the kind of help you may be looking for.

Life is uncertain. No one knows what the future holds. The economy may shift, jobs may be lost, and hard times could appear just as quickly as opportunities. Those who are averse to taking risks may not be the best candidates for immigration.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to immigration. Take your time to consider the reasons for wanting to immigrate to Canada, learn about the process, and know what to expect. Reach out to a certified immigration professional for help to ensure you are aware of everything before applying.


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