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Immigration law is a growing field and becoming an immigration legal assistant is one of the best ways to join this specialized field. Immigration Legal Assistants help Immigration Practitioners by handling paperwork, communicating with people, and doing other important tasks. Working with potential Canadian immigrants is a fulfilling career that offers many opportunities for advancement.

Our Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate program is the most effective way to transition into a career in immigration law in Canada. The program helps legal assistants, internationally trained immigration consultants, and newcomers to the legal sector develop the skills they need to succeed in the Canadian job market.

To become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), you must pass the RCIC Entry-to-Practice Exam. We offer an RCIC Exam Prep course to help you challenge the exam with confidence.

At Ashton, we also provide Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and Lawyers with seminars and webinars to help them achieve the required number of CPD hours.

Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate

Our Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate provides newcomers to immigration law with the knowledge and skills they need to enter the immigration job market. The program also enables legal assistants to advance their careers by specializing in immigration.

Immigration legal assistants are able to help immigration consultants expedite cases thanks to their knowledge of Canada’s immigration system, policies, and procedures. Apply for the Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate program if you want to start a career in Canadian immigration law.

RCIC Entry-to-Practice Examination

The RCIC Entry-to-Practice Exam Prep course prepares students to write the RCIC Entry-to-Practice Examination administered by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) to obtain their Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) designation.

Registering for our RCIC Entry-to-Practice Exam Prep Course will give you the additional support you need to enter your RCIC exam with confidence.

Career Opportunities

The ILAC program is designed to prepare students to work in the field of immigration law as legal assistants, so they can begin gaining work experience immediately. The program does not qualify you to work as an immigration consultant. Separate courses and qualifications are required to practice as an immigration consultant.

Graduates of this program typically obtain employment opportunities working for:

  • Immigration lawyers and consultants
  • Pardon services
  • Federal and provincial immigration programs
  • Settlement agencies for newcomers to Canada
  • Refugee organizations
  • Immigration assistance societies and other non-profits
  • Educational institutions
  • Recruitment agencies
  • International corporations
  • Real estate development companies
  • International travel agencies
  • International banking organizations
  • Trust companies
  • Financial advising organizations

Our RCIC Entry-to-Practice Exam Prep course prepares you to challenge the exam and become an RCIC. RCICs are eligible to work anywhere in Canada. As an RCIC, you can work as a sole practitioner, or find employment with law firms, immigration consulting firms and government agencies.

Immigration Courses

Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate (In-Class and Online)

Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate focuses on developing skills and knowledge required for an entry level position in an immigration office.

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The EPE course at Ashton College with Gerry Power is a very good choice to prepare for the RCIC exam and covers mostly every topic from the 16 competencies.

Tejinder Sraon -RCIC Entry-to-Practice Exam (EPE) Prep Course, 2021

All of them are phenomenal instructors! They all have their own style and were all really nice, respectful and encouraging of my learning. I have a go-go personality and when the instructors want me to do well it pushes me even more, it was a great experience.

Sharon George – Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate Program, 2022

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