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Human Services

Ashton College’s Human Services programs prepare students for successful careers in medical, health care and social services fields.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and emphasis on practical, real-life education allow students to immerse themselves in their future professions. Students gain the skills, experiences, and knowledge needed to succeed in the areas of medicine, special care, community support, caregiving, and special education. The programs and courses are led by experienced faculty members who help students develop specialized knowledge and skills required to start their careers in these areas. Students complete a field practicum to further enhance their practical skills.

Human Services Programs

Community Support Worker Diploma and Special Education Assistant Diploma programs from Ashton allow graduates to benefit from the right combination of sound theoretical foundation and field practicum experience. Our programs are designed to provide each student with a thorough understanding of developmental and physical disabilities, psychology of human development, and effective ways to communicate with and provide support to individuals with special needs.

Career Opportunities: child and youth programs, rehabilitation centres, home support teams, public and private schools, behaviour intervention assistance, residential group homes, community living agencies, among other fields.

Human Services Courses

Special Education Assistant Diploma

The Special Education Assistant Diploma program provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge and real-life experiences to work with individuals with disabilities in an educational setting.

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Community Support Worker Diploma

The Community Support Worker Diploma program focuses on the skills necessary to assist clients with their physical, vocational, recreational, social, emotional and daily skill development.

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