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Ashton College’s Healthcare programs prepare students for successful careers in medical, health care and social services fields.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and emphasis on practical, real-life education allow students to immerse themselves in their future professions. Students gain the skills, experiences, and knowledge needed to succeed in the areas of medicine, special care, community support, caregiving, and special education. The programs and courses are led by experienced faculty members who help students develop specialized knowledge and skills required to start their careers in these areas. Students complete a field practicum to further enhance their practical skills.

Healthcare Programs

Medical Office Assistant Diploma program focuses on expanding the students’ knowledge and skills needed in the medical and healthcare fields. Graduates of these programs have multiple opportunities for career advancement and growth, including working in the physicians' offices, clinics, public or private hospitals, nursing homes, or community health centre settings.

Career Opportunities: medical office professionals, medical clerks, electronic transcriptionist, medical billing specialists, home support, assisted living, healthcare assisting, and many other areas.

Healthcare Courses

Medical Office Assistant Diploma

The Medical Office Assistant Diploma program trains students to become skilled and conscientious professionals in various medical and healthcare environments. Students will study a range of subjects, including medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, administrative and clinical procedure, communication skills and more.

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  • Arshak, Madelaine
  • Arshak, Madelaine

    Madelaine is a passionate and hard-working Teacher, Counsellor, and Community Support Worker. A key component of her work history has been assisting clients in their social, emotional and daily life skills development. She has always worked very hard to to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in order to encourage her clients to participate in their communities. Madelaine has extensive experience in crisis intervention and behavior management. She holds a diploma in Professional Counselling Psychology as well as a diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. Her combined background in both teaching and counselling makes her a very effective Community Support Worker.

    As a teacher, Madelaine has experience working with students all the way from early childhood straight into adulthood. She has worked with ESL students, special-needs students, and students with learning and cognitive disabilities. As a counselor, her professional history includes working with youth, and with clients with complex mental illness and addictions. She also has extensive experience in working with clients facing life transitions, as well as grief and loss.

  • Sheriff, Daniel
  • Sheriff, Daniel

    Daniel Sheriff is a registered social worker in British Columbia (BC) who has been practicing social work for over 15 years. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree through the School of Social Work at the University of Windsor and his Master’s Degree through the School of Social Work at the University of Toronto. Daniel is currently completing his Ed.D in Leadership through the School of Applied Leadership at the City University of Seattle.

    As a social worker, Daniel has worked in a variety of settings including child welfare, clinical counselling, community outreach, youth criminal justice, conflict resolution, and residential health community care. Daniel also worked as a program manager at a nonprofit organization that provided residential and community inclusion services for individuals with disabilities.

    Daniel is passionate about leadership. He is a leadership consultant and a team leader with the BC Public Services. He enjoys sharing knowledge, empowering students, and coaching professionals on how to be an effective leader. His research interests are in innovative community-based provisional models, leadership development, and team leadership.

  • Rhead, Lynne
  • Rhead, Lynne

    Lynne Rhead (BA, Psych.) worked in community support worker roles for over twenty years; later she became an educational assistant and a youth worker in a local school district.  While achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Lynne held adult instructor positions in colleges and nonprofits. What Lynne likes the most about being a Community Support Worker instructor is that it provides an opportunity to empower students with a diverse set of skills that can be used in a wide range of social service positions. 

    In volunteer and community support worker roles, Lynne has been a leader of a positive change.  She served on a refugee task force to sponsor a refugee family, advocated to reduce poverty for First Nation families and youth aging out of care in a large lower mainland city, advocated for quality of life improvements for incarcerated youth serving in a custody center, and taught life skills to people with disabilities to develop independence.    


  • Bruyere, Betsy
  • Bruyere, Betsy

    Betsy V. Bruyere, M.Ed. (curriculum and instruction with a post-secondary focus), has over 20 years of experience working in post-secondary support services. As an educator for social justice and responsible global citizenship, Ms. Bruyere believes in education as a tool of empowerment for global health and prosperity.

    Ms. Bruyere is a Recipient of the 2015 Indigenous Women of Excellence Award for her longstanding advocacy and participation in community anti-racism, equity and anti-violence initiatives.

  • Ali, Jane
  • Ali, Jane

    Jane Ali has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Special Education, with a thesis in Adult Education.

    Jane has accumulated over 20 years’ experience in the field of special education and community support. She is a certified Special Education Assistant, a Community Support Worker and a cosmetologist.

    ​Jane brings leadership, trust, engagement, and empowerment to her classroom. She always aims to impact her students, helping them become the best professionals they can be.

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