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Spousal Sponsorships: From Courtship to Marriage to Canada

Published On: October 22, 2013

cpd_logoProfessional designations set you apart from your colleagues and give consumers an added confidence. Ashton College is currently offering Spousal Sponsorships: From Courtship to Marriage to Canada as a six hour CPD seminar. This seminar is accredited by ICCRC and Law Societies of BC, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.

Family reunification is one of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s highest stated priorities. The goal of family reunification is a noble and essential one, guiding the interpretation and application of Canadian immigration law. This goal is reflected in section 3(d) of IRPA, which clearly states that one of the primary objectives of the Act is to see that “families are reunited in Canada.”

This session will address sponsorship of spouses through marriage, common law or conjugal relations. These sponsorship programs have undergone significant changes in the past several years. This session will examine the current policy and process of these sponsorship applications and highlight important practical, ethical and professional responsibilities for the immigration law practitioner.

The session will include a series of exercises designed to provide participants with an understanding of varying perspectives in the application process from beginning to end. At the conclusion of the session, students should have a better understanding of the policy directives, the different definitions of ‘family member’, the bars to sponsorship and admissibility and how to address the disjunctive test of ‘genuineness’ and ‘primarily for the purpose of immigration’ in the immigration context. An in-depth discussion of ethical and professionalism issues will provide students with a better understanding of how to deal with ethical red flags and practice management.

Finally, participants will learn about the litigation process in spousal sponsorship cases and will be provided with detailed instructions on how to handle sponsorship appeals and alternative dispute resolution. Judicial reviews will also be discussed.

Cost: $240.00

Date: November 23, 2013

Venue: SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue-Room 370 (580 West Hastings Street)

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

At Ashton we value the quality of our CPD programs and emphasize that Continued Professional Development is about more than just filling your quota of annual hours, but more about what you will get out of it. These programs are designed to not only improve your skills, but make you all the more successful in your career with the practical skills administered.


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