Dental Receptionist Certificate Program (Online & In-Class)

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This program is designed to familiarize students with the clinical procedures of a dental office, ensuring the effective management of the business side of the general, clinic or specialty dental practice.

The program is comprised of both practical and theoretical study of clinical and administrative procedures and provides learners with skills and knowledge integral to the office environment and client management.

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Students will enhance their learning from a simulated dental office environment in our on-site dental clinic, as well as job placements. They will work with real-world, existing materials, tools, and documentation that are worked with and used by practising dental receptionists. Students will also receive First Aid and CPR training and certification.

Graduates may perform a variety of tasks ranging from appointment booking, public relations and bookkeeping, to keeping financial records in a dental office environment.

Applicants must be:

  1. High school graduates or 19 years or older at the start of the applicant’s program or course;
  2. Have a minimum typing speed of 20 words per minute; and
  3. Proficient in English (please see policy 1002).

For more details, please see related Admissions Policy.


This program is offered both in-class and online.

  • In-class: delivered from our Abbotsford campus.
  • Online: uses Adobe Connect and Google Apps to deliver interactive learning through live webinar sessions.


240 hours (not including final exam hours).

  • In-class: full-time; 20 hours of instruction per week.
  • Online: part-time; 8 hours of instruction per week, 4 of which are live online webinars.


June 26, 2017 – September 15, 2017

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June 13, 2017 – January 5, 2018

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CDOR 01: Keyboarding (40 hours)

This course introduces non-keyboarding students and more experienced students to the fundamentals of correct keyboarding technique. They will learn through directed drills and timed drills, which help them refine their keyboarding techniques, to improve speed and accuracy. Upon completion, students will keyboard at a speed of 45 words per minute with five or fewer errors. Students will also develop their proofreading techniques, and improve their word processing techniques in a Windows environment.

CDOR 02: Business Communication (40 hours)

Students will study formal and informal business communication formats including letters, memos and business presentations. They will learn to apply these formats, choosing methods and appropriate technologies to communicate effectively to a variety of purposes and audiences.

CDOR 03: Dental Terminology (40 hours)

This course introduces common dental terminology, covering a broad spectrum of topics from dental Anatomy and oral structures to terminology applicable to general dentistry and dental specialties.

CDOR 04: Dental Office Procedures (60 hours)

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the administrative duties and professional responsibilities of a dental receptionist. Emphasis is placed on the development of the student’s ability to exercise initiative and judgment and to make decisions within the scope of his/her authority whilst ensuring the safety and well-being of patients. Communication, organization and human relations skills are emphasized on an on-going basis throughout this subject.

CDOR 05: Dental Billing and Scheduling (60 hours)

This course is designed to introduce the student to automated dental billing software and procedures including insurance documentation; treatment planning and estimates; patient financial plans; appointment control; recall systems; patient charts, medical and dental history; fee guides, codes, and fees.

Online Students

Ashton College uses Adobe Connect and Google Apps for Education to provide a set of software tools designed to help instructors and students connect and collaborate online.

  • Students should have a webcam and headset, or a microphone and headphones to participate in webinars. High-speed internet access is also required. To view the full technical requirements for Adobe Connect, please click here.
  • Make sure to run a test to ensure your device will run Adobe Connect.
  • Students should have regular access to a computer, laptop or smartphone to access all class materials.

Users will have the option to install the Adobe Connect add-in which is not required to join a meeting as a host, presenter or participant. It is needed to support screen sharing and PowerPoint (PPTX format) file sharing. Having the add-in will result in the meetings opening in a larger pop-out window rather than within a browser tab. The latest version can be installed on the Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates site.

Students can also access the webinars through their mobile or tablet device by downloading the Adobe Connect mobile appTo see a list of frequently asked questions with answers and detailed walkthrough guides, please click here.

Tuition fees for this program are due and payable at least 30 days prior to the cohort start date. Students with guaranteed funding arrangements will be exempt from this requirement provided that they produce documentary proof at least 30 days prior to the cohort start date.

All formats of the program are eligible for Canada Student Loans, other forms of government funding, and bank financing. However, students are responsible for making their own funding arrangements and are advised to contact the relevant funder well in advance of the start date to make an application.

Application and tuition fees for this program are as follows:

  • Application fee: $150 (Domestic Students) or $200 (International Students)
  • Tuition fee (Domestic): $3,000
  • Tuition fee (International): $3,600

Note: Tuition fees do not include the cost of the required textbooks.