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What is The Demand for Red Seal Plumbers Across Canada?

By: Ronda Payne

Published On: July 13, 2020

The Red Seal program was developed to create a nationally recognized level of competency in the trade. The certification proves that a tradesperson has demonstrated the knowledge required to meet or exceed the national standard for their trade.

The Red Seal was created in 1952 as a collaboration between the provinces, industry, and the federal government. It allowed tradespeople who were trained in one province to earn a nationally recognized certification, so they could move to another area and begin work there.

Today, the red seal indicates to employers that a tradesperson aspires to excellence. It is a thing of pride for skilled tradespeople and continues to facilitate their free movement to the best opportunities. Red seal is recognized across many countries not just Canada. 

Across the world, plumbers provide an essential service to residents and businesses. They provide such services as plumbing emergency services, maintenance inspections, installing plumbing systems in homes and businesses, and performing all kinds of repairs for the plumbing system, including the drain field and septic system.

Even when the economy is struggling, plumbers are always in high demand. A career as a plumber is very profitable and requires education from an accredited school as well as specialized training.

Red Seal plumbing certification is not a mandatory requirement in Canada except if you intend to work only in Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan; but a plumber with the certification has several advantages over one without it.

Here are some of the benefits of being a Red Seal plumber in Canada:

  • Plumbers can work all over Canada without requiring additional territorial or provincial certifications – the Red Seal plumber certification is recognized throughout Canada
  • Shows excellence in training and skills to potential employers or clients 
  • Plumbers with the certification may receive a higher income or wage
  • May allow those running their own business to attract higher-quality clients, and candidates for job openings
  • When applying for jobs, a plumber with the certification have an edge over someone without the certification.
  • Gives plumbers a sense of pride in their trade

Presently, the demand for plumbers is on the high side as it is generally driven by the activity and health of the construction industry, which continues to grow across Canada, creating a huge demand for Red Seal certified plumbers.

According to a recent report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, the number of open jobs in Canada's construction industry surpassed that of other industries.

The demand for plumbers with the Red Seal certification will continue to rise as the population increases. According to the Apprenticeship Demand LMI Report issued by the government of Canada, by the year 2024, the demand for certified plumbers across Canada is expected to be more than 4,000.

To meet the demand, there will be the need for the Canada's ten largest Red Seal trades to attract over 200,000 apprentices, this is according to the 2019 labour report provided by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum.

It is estimated that from 2020 to 2023, over 5,000 journeyperson plumbers will need to be recruited. It was concluded that the industry will, therefore, need to attract over 10,000 plumber apprentices. New recruits will need to offset an aging workforce.

Along with earning a Red Seal certification, there are job prospects in countless workplaces and industries across Canada.

Lots of plumbers work in the construction industry, mostly as building equipment contractors. They provide different types of plumbing services to residential, commercial, and institutional establishments.

The demand for Red Seal Plumbers will remain healthy over the next years, as the construction industry should see a good level of activity. All kinds of infrastructure investments in public goods such as municipal piping systems, wastewater treatment plants, and healthcare and educational facilities, will provide work for plumbers.

Also, large-scale transit projects all over Canada will create jobs for plumbers to install fixtures and pipes at terminals, stations, and related facilities. Constant business activity also means well for plumbers, as commercial construction stays moderate, and a few significant industrial projects are in the works.

Although there may be a drop in residential construction in 2020, there are lots of condominium projects in progress in some of Canadian's most significant urban centers driven by the growth in population.

Plumbers, in addition to new construction projects, will find huge opportunities in maintenance and repair work. Plumbers will be needed in the residential sector to take care of renovation demands, while the commercial and public sectors will need certified plumbers to retrofit buildings and upgrade facilities.

The demand for a more water-efficient plumbing system will create lots of jobs for plumbers to replace worn-out equipment with modern integrated fittings.

There are lots of reasons why a plumber should be interested in earning a certification in Red Seal plumber.



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