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Wall of Fame: Celebrating Our 2020 Graduates

Published On: November 16, 2020

Over the past number of months, our team had the pleasure of connecting with many of our graduates. Through our first ever #WallOfFame project, we got to learn about their experiences and what drives them forward in their careers and lives. Our team was thrilled to receive over seventy submissions for the project. We are sharing them across all our social media channels to elevate these graduates and celebrate their many successes.

Explore our main graduation page for complete information about our upcoming virtual ceremony.

Diploma in International Business Management

The graduates from our Diploma in International Business Management program are ready to head out into the workforce and make their mark on the world. We cannot wait to see where their business careers will take them.

Certificate in Bookkeeping Program

Congratulations to the graduates from our Certificate in Bookkeeping Program. These talented alumni have all of the skills and experience they need to manage finances for companies across every industry.

Immigration Consultant Diploma Program

We are so inspired by the wealth of diversity and insight from the graduates of our Immigration Consultant Diploma Program. These graduates acquired the skills and knowledge they need to serve newcomers seeking help in navigating immigration issues within Canada.

Human Resources Management Diploma Program

The graduates from our Human Resources Management Diploma Program have proven experience and insight in exploring workforce planning, human resources development, compensation and benefits, labour relations and occupational health and safety. Their perseverance inspires us, and we cannot wait to see how they shape the future of human resources across a broad range of industries.

Thank you again to our graduates for the thoughtfulness and care they put into these responses. We are excited for each and every one of our graduates as they embark on their next steps. For more information about our virtual graduation ceremony, please visit our main graduation page.


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  1. Anya says:

    Wow, Beautiful inspiring stories! Congrats to all Grads! It was exciting to read your favorite quotes!!! All the best in your future careers!!!

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