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The Rise of Online Education

By: Rica Zara

Published On: August 13, 2016

Online learning has reached mainstream level and continues to reshape education on a massive scale. Check out the infographic below to learn more about online education trends!

Online education


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  1. Ahtsham Rana says:

    Online education has definitely emerged into a competitive, compelling and an appealing platform to not only the elderly working class seeking their long desired degree, but to young generation as well who feel more comfortable in the ease to learn at their own pace and timings and also the freedom to learn and explore themselves. And this is getting popular in developing countries too, Pakistan is the prime example of that where the number of fresh students joining Virtual University of Pakistan(an online education platform by the Government) is increasing significantly as opposed to 5 years ago when it was considered only by working people who cannot attend regular universities. And platforms such as http://forumvu.com which are providing consistent help and guidance to students along the way to their degrees are also playing an important role in learning and comprehending the major concepts being studied.

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