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Erica Lirsjö

Published On: June 4, 2014

ericaWhen Erica Lirsjö decided it was time to upgrade her education, she knew that travelling abroad would not only provide her with new experiences, but also the skills she desired.

After researching Canadian cities and business programs, Erica settled on Ashton College because she felt that its business program had the right mix of courses. “I liked the way you could start the program any month. This gave me the opportunity to meet new students every month.” She felt that the interesting topics taught throughout the program were made all the more interesting because of the instructors teaching them. “I felt like I got the most out of Leadership, Coaching, and Negotiation in addition to Strategic Management.

Studying abroad allowed Erica not only to gain new skills but also to grow as a person. “Now I know that I can manage halfway across the world, and I am sure my whole family can do it, too. My youngest son turned one while we were in Vancouver, and people back home thought we were crazy to go abroad with a baby and a toddler, but it worked out just fine!”

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