Corporate Training

Corporate Training


When your goal is to increase the success of your organization, the focus must be placed on developing your leaders and the people who surround them.

At Ashton College, we use innovative technology to provide high-quality training and development services that foster continuous learning for employees at organizations of all sizes worldwide. We offer corporate training services in-class, online or through recorded webinars. In-­class corporate training can be arranged either at one of our campuses or at your company’s location.

Whether you are conducting a one-day seminar on workplace safety or a year-long course on corporate communication, we are adept at identifying objectives and planning and implementing action plans to achieve your organization’s goals.

Our customized training options are not limited to Ashton programs; any course, seminar or training program you can imagine can be created to suit your needs. Working with you to achieve your objectives, we will handle everything from ordering course material, locating an instructor, securing a venue, and ensuring the course runs smoothly from start to finish.

Advantages of Customized Training Programs

At Ashton, we are firm believers in the value of continuing education. A commitment to lifelong learning is essential to the success of any organization, as a motivated and high-performing team can help an organization maintain its competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A knowledgeable staff fuels innovation and productivity and can help to propel your organization forward. With a highly trained and skilled workforce, you will be more efficient, productive and responsive to opportunities.

We offer this service in-class either at our campus or your offices, LIVE online or through recorded webinars.

Ashton is committed to educating the next generation of leaders and equipping personnel to execute your organization’s strategy. Our customized training solutions can help build collaborative, innovative teams, address skill shortages, and develop strong group dynamics.

Other benefits of customized training and professional development include:

  • Increased levels of professionalism, productivity and efficiency.
  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty.
  • Increased levels of employee engagement.
  • Enhanced leadership capabilities.
  • The opportunity to network with colleagues.

Past Clients

These are some of the groups we have worked with to deliver specialized training for their employees.

Advantages of Choosing Ashton College

  • Ashton College is an accredited post-secondary educational institution and holds the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation from the Ministry of Advanced Education in British Columbia;
  • We work with your budget to create informative, cost-efficient, customized training solutions;
  • Ashton College currently offers over 20 different professional courses and programs, all of which are offered in partnership with the relevant licensing and regulatory bodies. Our list of partners is extensive;
  • Customized training can be delivered in-person, online, through recorded webinars or a mix of all three to participants around the world; and
  • Our students often receive discounted textbooks and course materials from our partners.

To find out how Ashton’s training programs can help take your business to the next level, please email us at [email protected]

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