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Meri Ghazaryan: “Education I obtained at Ashton College gave me the green light for my future successful career.”

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: March 23, 2020

A new immigrant’s road to success in Canada is usually a bumpy one. With common challenges, such as lack of Canadian education and work experience, and foreign credentials not being recognized, newcomers need to be resourceful, persistent and hard-working to become successful. They should also look for opportunities that could help them open doors to new career paths. It is essential to stay open-minded, be ready to obtain knowledge and develop necessary skills for a new career.

When Meri Ghazaryan came to Canada, a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and years of experience in various fields and organizations in her home country didn’t help her to achieve success on the local job market. In order to become a valuable contributor to the new country, Meri decided to look into changing a career path and getting education in human resources. Right at that time she came across an ad for professional education bursaries from Ashton College in Canadian immigrant magazine and decided to apply.

Meri won the bursary and welcomed an opportunity to study Human Resources Management Diploma program at Ashton College. She now believes that Ashton has tremendously helped her to achieve career goals. During her studies Meri learned a lot about organizational development and other aspects of HR and developed her skills in advanced research, effective communication and networking. Currently, Meri works as a Manager of Employer Relations and Partnerships at Lighthouse Labs in Vancouver, BC and is helping to make a difference in today’s blooming and ever-changing tech industry.

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