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Made At Ashton: Joe Wang

By: Ashton College

Published On: September 14, 2018

As a Canadian immigrant himself, Joe faced difficulties in finding the right person to work on his own immigration case. Joe is grateful for receiving a solid foundation from Ashton College – a foundation that helped him become a top-notch professional in the field and provide outstanding services to his clients.

After graduating from the Immigration Consultant Diploma program in 2008, Joe Wang, established his own immigration consulting firm, IEM Consulting and found fulfillment in a career that helps families and individuals realize their dream life in Canada.



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  1. Avril de Souza says:

    What I wouldn’t do to turn back the clock to 2013 when I could have enrolled on this program when offered a free course. I could not make up my mind between the HR online and the Immigration Consultant course online and Ashton suggested HR. I loved the course and did very well only to realise that the course was not recognised in Ontario where I live. A wasted investment in time though not in knowledge. If only I had done the Immigration Consultant course, my life would have had greater meaning.

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