Lina Hijazi: “It is very helpful to take a course at Ashton College.”

Published On: May 12, 2022


We love to hear about how our alumni have grown and succeeded since graduating! Recently we had the great pleasure of catching up with Lina Hijazi, who earned a Certificate in Business Immigration Law at Ashton. Continue reading to discover who her favourite instructor was, how Ashton has helped her career, and what advice she would give to future Ashton students. 


Can you tell us a little about your career and educational background and how you ended up at Ashton College?

I have been an immigration consultant since 2014 based in Calgary, Alberta. Immigration Business Law was always a struggle for me and didn’t have much knowledge about it. Therefore, when I received the email from Ashton College promoting this course I decided to give it a try.

Did you have any favourite instructors or memorable learning experiences from the program?

At the beginning of my decision, I was very nervous about being in school and going through this experience again but luckily my instructor Dominic Therrien made this experience pleasant and easy for me. He was very helpful, supportive, explained every program in detail. He provided his knowledge and experience to us, which was a beneficial and priceless asset. Instead of being nervous for the class, I looked forward to it so I learn more and more.

How was your career progressed since your time with Ashton College?

Since I learned about the new programs in detail, I can now advertise and grow more knowing I can achieve and process these applications.

Did taking the program help to improve your confidence in the workforce?

Absolutely. I will never forget my first business consultation appointment experience that I had after the course. It felt great knowing that I am able to answer every question the client asked me about with confidence and without being hesitant. It felt like I was being tested in school and received 100% on it. In fact, I emailed Dominic after my consultation and thanked him for providing me with this wonderful, confident, and successful experience. This to me was priceless.

What advice would you offer to someone who is considering studying at Ashton College?

It is very helpful to take a course at Ashton College.

Do you have any favourite books that you are reading right now, for fun or learning purposes?

Taking the CBIL course at Ashton college made me eager to learn more and more about immigration. I will be signing up for a refugee hearing and appeal course as a new fun, new learning experience for me.


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