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Guide to Red Seal Construction and Industrial Electrician exam challenge

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: April 7, 2020

Electricians plan, assemble, install, test, repair and maintain electrical equipment and systems in commercial and industrial facilities. There are several different types of licenced electricians who work in various environments, however, the most in-demand and lucrative types are construction and industrial electricians.

Both, construction and industrial electricians, are included into 56 Red Seal trades in Canada which means they are eligible for Red Seal certification. Red Seal sets the national standards for each of these trades, and if the candidates meet the work experience requirement, they can challenge the exam and obtain Red Seal endorsement without going through the apprenticeship program. It serves as validation of their qualification in the trade and adds more credibility to their knowledge, skills and experience.

Other benefits of Red Seal endorsement for electricians include the ability to relocate throughout the country without having to be certified in a new jurisdiction. Tradespeople can seek better job opportunities and higher wages in different provinces and territories with Red Seal being proof of their skills and abilities. They will also be able to apply to jobs that require Red Seal construction electrician or Red Seal industrial electrician certification, and this requirement is becoming more and more common. A great way to look for Red Seal job opportunities is to use specialized resources and recruitment agencies, such as Red Seal Recruiting Solutions Ltd.

What does Red Seal exam consist of?

Each of the electrician Red Seal trades will have a different exam with different information to study and prepare. What is common for both of these trades is that the basis for the exams is the occupation’s National Occupational Analysis (NOA) or the newer Red Seal Occupational Standard (RSOS), introduced in 2015. It is a Canadian national system for describing occupations and outlining the major areas of expertise which are being tested during the Red Seal exam.

On the official Red Seal website, each of construction electrician and industrial electrician trade offers the most current version of the occupational standard, exam preparation guide, sample questions and exam breakdown. Additionally, there are links to the Government of Canada’s job bank and job market reports. By accessing all of this information, you will have everything you need to fully prepare for a Red Seal electrician exam challenge.

Red Seal construction electrician exam consists of 100 questions in 5 categories. The questions are related to the following major work activities: installs, services, maintains wiring systems, generating, distribution and service systems, motors and control systems, signalling and communication systems, performs common occupational tasks. The exam preparation guide has a detailed breakdown of questions and provides samples for self-assessment.

Red Seal industrial electrician exam has 100 questions in 6 categories. The major work activities are outlines as follows: installs and maintains generating, distribution and service systems, wiring systems, process control systems, rotating and non-rotating equipment and control, signalling and communication systems, performs common occupational tasks. Although, some areas are similar with other types of electricians, you should remember that you will be tested on your specialization.

How to prepare for Red Seal electrician exam?

Official Red Seal website provides a lot of materials and resources for self-study. Once you choose a construction or industrial electrician from the list of trades, you will go to a specific trade page with all the information which was used to develop the exam. The first place to start is the link titled: study for the red seal examination. You’ll find an explanation about the study guide, a basic outline of the process to get ready for the exam and a slightly more detailed, downloadable PDF version of the study guide.

However, for those looking to challenge the red seal exam, who might be overwhelmed with the information and find it challenging to study on their own, taking a Red Seal industrial electrician exam prep course or Red Seal construction electrician exam prep course might be the ideal way to achieve great results. Preparation courses can assist with exposure to the exam format, an understanding of how the exam flows, the types of questions to expect and how to maintain a study schedule.

Another great benefit of the Red Seal exam prep course is that it is delivered through an interactive webinar format. Exam challengers can ask questions to an experienced Red Seal instructor and discuss them with the peers who are also working in the same trade. You will not only cover the exam material but also receive valuable tips, techniques and solutions that you can quickly learn and apply at the exam to ensure a high score.

After all, for an experienced construction electrician or industrial electrician, this is the knowledge the individual already has and just needs to put into words and concepts in order to be able to accurately answer the multiple-choice questions on the exam. The Red Seal industrial electrician exam prep course and Red Seal construction electrician exam prep course only help exam challengers to structure the material, understand the exam format and procedure.

While the exam is based on your trade and the aspects of it you already know, because the exam is multiple choice and is not a hands-on demonstration of your knowledge, you’ll want to be sure you thoroughly understand how the concepts may be presented on the exam. Do your best to get prepared for challenging the exam and obtain Red Seal endorsement you deserve.


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