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Financial Services

Financial Services | Ashton College

Ashton College offers financial services licencing courses designed to help you start or further your career in the industry. The Canadian Investment Funds Course (CIFC), Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) each equip you with the licencing requirements you need to establish yourself as a financial services professional and gain the qualifications that employers in the industry are demanding.

Increase your knowledge, skills and industry standing with Ashton College’s financial services courses, designed to help you jump-start or accelerate your career in the financial industry.

For those who want a career in financial planning, our Certified Financial Planner, QAFPTM and CFP® certifications will provide you with the skills required to step into this dynamic career. Our Certified Financial Planner courses are FP Canada-accredited core curriculum courses, which serve as the first step towards earning your CFP designation.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our financial services courses will have a strong foundation in areas such as investment products, investment planning and personal financial management. Specific learning outcomes will vary by program, but all Ashton College financial services graduates will benefit from the increased prestige associated with financial designations and certifications.

Financial Services Courses

CIFC®: Canadian Investment Funds Course (Live Online)

The Canadian Investment Funds Course (CIFC) provides students with in-depth knowledge of mutual funds. This course is delivered in partnership with the IFSE Institute.

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Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) (Live Online)

The CSC, or Canadian Securities Course, is the perfect preparation for writing the CSC exam and attaining your CSC designation. The Canadian Securities Course at Ashton is also fully accredited by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI).

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Certified Financial Planner Certification, QAFP™ and CFP® (Live Online)

The CFP® Certification Education Program is designed to help professionals in the financial services industry learn the fundamentals of building a comprehensive financial plan.

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LLQP: Harmonized Life Licence Qualification Program (Live Online)

The Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) is the first step to applying for a life insurance licence. The LLQP at Ashton College allows you to learn from industry professionals with years of experience in their field.

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