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Commitment to Professional Development | Jarrett Davis

By: Alex Nikotina

Published On: July 27, 2016

Finding your dream career can be a long process of evaluation and trial-and-error; but it can also be a matter of a simple decision and commitment to follow through.

Jarrett Davis

For Jarrett Davis, it was his go-getter attitude and the desire to pursue new opportunities that led him to working in the Financial Services profession.

“I had some extra money in the bank and wanted to see what I could do with it and where I could invest it,” shares Jarrett. “A friend I went to school with worked in the Financial Services industry, so I asked for his input, and I also asked more questions about his work. Hearing about the impact he was making, I decided to look into the industry as well!”

Working as an Associate Consultant with the Investors Group in Abbotsford for a little over three years now, Jarret’s main focus is helping people get peace of mind when it comes to money.

“Nowadays, people are often stressed about their finances, and knowing that I could help them and make a difference in their lives really inspired me to pursue my current career.”

Upgrading His Skills

After working in the industry for a while, Jarrett decided that it was time to get certified. “Having gained some experience and knowledge in the field, I wanted to expand my qualifications, so I pursued the CFP designation.”

Through the arrangements made with his office, Jarrett was able to take the CFP course with David Dalton and fully prepare for the exam. “We learnt everything, from managing client expectations to ethics, to different investment strategies, to taxation. It was a lot of information, but it gave a great overview of the industry.”

“I strongly believe that getting certified is essential in order to be a professional in the industry. If one is serious about a career in Financial Services, CFP is the bare minimum.”

“In my opinion, certification should be mandatory, as it is what separates a salesman from a financial planner,” adds Jarrett.

Current Role

When asked about a typical work day, Jarrett points out that it varies. “My goal as a professional is to serve the clients to the best of my ability, helping them with their questions and concerns and guiding them towards establishing their financial goals. That is the most important aspect of my job.” Outside of client meetings, Jarrett Davis also focuses on keeping up with the information about the markets, as this knowledge is essential in financial planning.

“In the future, I see myself growing: I want to expand my knowledge, get more professional designations and grow my practice.”

“I also see myself coaching lacrosse,” he notes with a smile. “I used to play professional lacrosse during my college years, and now I am coaching children. I hope to continue doing that and to pass on my passion to them as well.”


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