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Cent-savvy students: increase your savings with these tricks (at school)

By: Nadia Stefyn

Published On: November 20, 2014

School fees, transport, food and housing costs are the biggest costs students face. Those studying full-time are much more likely to feel the pinch with limited working availability. This week's Thrifty Thursday tackles school-related costs and how to avoid blowing your budget.

1.) Funding: Research and apply for grants, scholarships and bursaries – there are many on offer. Dayakshi Iyer was thrilled to win the Canadian Immigrant magazine full-time tuition bursary, even though she nearly missed the application deadline! (See also: funding for part-time and full-time students at Ashton College).

2.) School books: Look for second-hand books in bookstores or on Amazon, or find out if your institution has the course material available electronically. If you know someone who recently took the same course, ask to borrow or purchase their book.

3.) Transport: Can you avoid the costs of owning a car by riding to school or taking public transit?

4.) Student discounts: Wherever you go, whatever you purchase, it doesn't hurt to ask for a student discount. Phone companies, banks and movie theatres are great places to start.

5.) Food and beverage: Bring your own snacks and lunches. It's all too easy to drop $10-$20 a day on drinks and food.

6.) Studying online: Ashton College offers some courses online, meaning you can do them in your own time while earning a full-time wage. You also save money on transport, and you won't get as tempted to spend money eating out between classes.

7.) Accommodation: Live at home as long as possible. If you need to move, find a good location along a public transit route and split rent and bills with roommates.

8.) Look out for good sales on stationery and office supplies online and in discount stores, but only buy what you actually need.

9.) If have time for a part time job while you study, work somewhere you would normally shop and make the most of the employee discounts.

10.) If your school is based downtown, keep an eye out on social media for free events and giveaways such as yoga/fitness classes and product launches.


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