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Ashton Employees Who Volunteer, Katie Mills

Published On: June 9, 2014

Many people consider volunteering to be an activity reserved for the Holiday Season and high school students looking to gain resume experience.

The common argument from working professionals is that they simply do not have the time to volunteer. But we all know that this is not true.

The benefits of volunteering are endless. Volunteering can help you in your professional life because it “amps up” your resume and makes you seem more dynamic. In addition to the extra resume clout, volunteering also has added benefits because you acquire new skills, knowledge, and perspective.

This new article series highlights inspiring Ashton College employees who have dedicated their time and efforts to volunteer for efforts they are passionate about.

Katie Mills comes to us from the UK and is Ashton College's Online Learning Solutions Specialist. Read about her volunteering experiences below:

My major volunteering experience was aged 18 just after high school when I travelled to Kenya to help on a month long school building project. The local school was undergoing a huge redevelopment project and myself and 20 other people were responsible for building a water tank for the school, which would also be used by the local village.

The kids from the school thought cement mixing was the coolest thing ever. It was so rewarding to see all these people give up their time to help out a small community so far from home, and incredibly humbling to know that the short amount of time it took to put the tank together was going to make such a lasting difference.


My more recent volunteering experiences are definitely closer to home. I live in Whistler and there are always events and activities throughout the year that totally depend on volunteer efforts for their success. Some friends and I dressed up as monkeys and volunteered as course marshals and cheer station coordinators for the Alpenglow run at Go Fest Whistler this May, and I also lead a weekly Run Club. Being relatively new to the community, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.

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If you’re considering volunteering, my advice is firstly to check out what’s going on in your area as local events are a fantastic way to connect with your community.


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