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Advanced Certifications for Immigration Practitioners

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: April 6, 2020

As a famous quotation goes, “Knowledge has a beginning but no end”. Once you start your career studies you will realize how many areas of a certain professional field will remain undiscovered even after you receive your diploma. It’s impossible to master everything there is to know in any occupation in a short span of a year. But it’s important to remember the significance of professional development and to commit to a lifelong learning to become an expert in your industry.

Nowadays, there are numerous opportunities for widening your career expertise and upgrading your knowledge which are accessible in just a few clicks. Online courses and seminars are a fast and convenient way to learn what is required to bring your career to a new level. After graduating from Immigration Consultant Diploma program, you might consider taking a Certificate in Immigration Tribunal Practice and a Certificate in Refugee Class Immigration Law to gain specific knowledge of these areas. The benefits of obtaining immigration advanced certifications can be the following.

You can develop your skills and get an opportunity to learn something new

As they say, a true professional never stops learning, which applies to immigration practitioners as well. Immigration law is a vast field, and most often your work is only focused on certain aspects of it. It’s natural to narrow down your areas of expertise at the very beginning, when you just open your immigration practice. You can choose the fields where you can see a large influx of clients for your business. Alternatively, you can concentrate your efforts on providing services in the areas you know best.

However, once you get to a certain point in your practice, when the work in the areas you know well will become routine and will no longer seem exciting, it will be time for you to move on and start learning something new. Tribunal immigration and refugee immigration practice can become these new areas you’d like to master. With services in these fields, you will have a chance to expand your clientele and charge higher fees for the cases that require representing your clients before immigration appeal division and refugee appeal division.

Whether you want to grow your current business or are looking for an opportunity to launch a new one, taking professional development courses will provide you with a competitive edge. You will find out that these short-term advanced certificates are an easy way to gain important knowledge quickly. You will participate in the interactive webinars studying only those areas of immigration law that are required for working with refugee appeal division and immigration appeal division.

You will have an opportunity to sharpen your knowledge

Sometimes, after completing your education, you may feel that your knowledge has become rusty and you need to update it. Students, taking an Immigration Consultant course online at Ashton College, study enforcements and appeals as part of their curriculum. However, not all of them begin to work with refugee immigration practice and tribunal immigration hearings right away, and with time they start forgetting the best practices and procedures in these fields and their knowledge becomes out-of-date.

Taking immigration advanced certifications in immigration tribunal practice and in refugee class immigration law will refresh your knowledge of relevant policies and procedures. Moreover, you will not only study the theory but will also participate in case studies, group discussions, reviews of real-life examples, mock tribunal hearings and other activities. You will learn what potential issues you might have while preparing the appeals, why the hearings might not be successful and what best strategies you can use to achieve positive results.

You can enhance your business reputation

Immigration is a booming industry in Canada, and there are many immigration consultants practicing all over the country and targeting to various demographics. Some of them choose niche markets such as helping international students obtain a study permit that enables them to pursue education in Canada. Others expand their services to a wider range of services that include business and family immigration, refugee immigration practice and other areas. Very few consultants, however, are ready to appear before refugee appeal division and immigration appeal division.

By improving your skills and broadening your fields of practice you can successfully stand out from competition and improve your professional reputation. When the clients know that you will be able to handle a tribunal hearing and represent their best interest, if necessary, they are most likely to choose your services over other immigration practitioners. The clients want to be confident that they can rely on your support and expertise if their refugee claim or immigration application is denied, and they might need to file an appeal.


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