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I have applied, when can I expect an update on my application?

Currently, all applications are processed within 2-3 business days from when they are received at the College. An application update is provided via email. Please ensure that you add us ([email protected]) Safe Senders list, so that you do not miss our email updates. Given the high call and email volume, please only contact us about the status of your application once 2-3 business days have passed and you have still not received an update.

What are the steps to follow to gain admission to a program?

Apply through our website to the program of your choice by paying the $40 ($140 for International applicants) non-refundable application fee. Allow 2-3 business days to process your application and for us to provide you with an update via email.

If your application is determined to be complete, we will issue you a student enrollment contract via email 2-3 business days following the initial update. At this time, you will be required to pay your tuition fees as per the given deadline.

If your application is determined incomplete and/or is missing documentation, we will notify you via email seeking more information.

If I am no longer interested in the program that I have applied for, can I seek a refund of the application fees paid?

All application fees are non-refundable.

How long do I have to complete the enrollment documentation and to pay my tuition fees?

Students are generally provided between 2-3 business days to return their completed enrollment documentation and to pay their tuition fees. The deadline assigned by the College during this process is non-negotiable. If you are not able to meet this deadline, we will provide you with deferral options for future program start dates (if available).

I have received my enrollment documents via email, how do I complete them?

Detailed instructions are provided on how the enrollment documents must be completed electronically and thereafter submitted to the College via email. Please follow the instructions in the email carefully.

How can I pay my tuition fees?

A payment options schedule is attached as a PDF document to the enrollment email. Enrolling students must choose from one of the listed methods to make their tuition fees payment.

The Tuition fees payment structure and accompanying deadlines are non-negotiable. If you are paying your tuition fees using the listed wire transfer method, kindly account for the additional $25 charge that applies to this method of payment.

 I want to apply for a Canada student loan for my tuition fees. What steps must I take?

If you are seeking student loan funding, kindly visit the Canada Student Loan website and/or the relevant provincial or territorial student loan website for information on how to apply for a student loan. It is the responsibility of enrolling students to ensure that they allow themselves sufficient time (6-8 weeks) for their student loan application to be processed.

 My student loan has been approved, how do I notify the College?

In your enrollment email, you are advised that once a student loan has been approved, enrolling students can submit their Student Loan Letter in lieu of paying their tuition fees, unless otherwise stated by the College. Please note: If your approved loan amount is less than the program tuition fees, the shortfall is the responsibility of the student and must be paid as per the deadline assigned.

 I have submitted all my enrollment documentation including paying my tuition fees, what should I do now?

Completed enrollment documents are processed within 2-3 business days of them being received by the College. If your documents are incomplete, we will reply to your email with the discrepancies and how they may be corrected. If your documents are complete, we will also notify you via email.

I have been admitted, are there any further steps to follow?

Once admitted, you can expect to receive a Welcome email from our online support department (for online students only) as well as an Orientation email from our student services department in the week prior to the program start date.

If you are an online student, your Welcome email will contain important information about your online studies; including your login details.

An Orientation email is sent to all admitted students. This email contains important information about policies, academic standards and program requirements at the College.

It is imperative that all College email communications are reviewed in detail since they contain very important information.

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