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President’s Message

Welcome to Ashton College!

For over 20 years Ashton College has been serving students dedicated to professional development and career advancement. With a wide range of programs and courses we offer, you have an opportunity to choose the career path that excites and inspires you to achieve big dreams.  

We support your goals whether you want to build a foundation for a new career, work towards a promotion or aspire to become an entrepreneur and open your own business. With our innovative approach, expert faculty and hands-on learning, you can obtain education that fits your needs best.  

We designed our programs for immigrants and adult learners with the focus on their professional development and recertification. Realizing how challenging it may be for newcomers to achieve their career goals we take efforts to facilitate their entry to the job market and encourage them to learn and develop their knowledge and skills to become successful.   

Ashton takes pride in transitioning education to flexible and convenient formats offering online programs along with traditional in-class study options in campuses located in Vancouver and Abbotsford, BC. We encourage you to explore these learning opportunities and choose the ones that can help you meet your goals.  

We want you to make the right decision regarding your career path and set the goals that align with your ambitions. Ashton College will do everything we can to support you on your journey to success! 


Warmest Regards,
Colin Fortes
President, Ashton College 

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