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Why Technical Recruiters Should Earn IT Certifications

By: Marla Ovenden-Cooper

Published On: October 7, 2021

Why Technical Recruiters Should Take IT Certifications

Are you a technical recruiter trying to set yourself apart from the rest? Many individuals recognize that in the IT industry there are non-technical core skills that are significant drivers for success and tech recruiters are essential in finding those candidates who hit the mark in these areas. However, one of the biggest criticisms of technical recruiters by IT professionals is that they are not knowledgeable enough to assess a candidate’s technical abilities. Whether this is true depends greatly on the recruiter, but no one can argue that having a certification or series of certifications under your belt are a great way of proving that you have the knowledge of the required technical skills necessary for the positions you are recruiting for.

How to Choose?

The challenge for the IT recruiter looking to get IT certifications is the vast amount of choices out there. There are so many vendor-specific certifications that it would be a challenge for most tech recruiters to find time to take them all! This is where vendor-neutral training is the perfect fit. Vendor-neutral IT training is when the training provided presents fundamental IT concepts as they relate to multi-vendors allowing greater agility and ability to apply knowledge regardless of the vendor. Since the technical recruiter is working with many different clients who will use multiple vendors, obtaining vendor-neutral training will provide the best foundational and fundamental knowledge to apply to all of your technical recruiting.

CompTIA Courses

Realizing that vendor-neutral training is the best way to go is the first step in deciding on what IT certifications a tech recruiter should take. Next is identifying which certifications will best benefit your client profiles. Some of the best and most highly recognized certifications are the CompTIA certifications, depending on your own technical prowess, you can start with CompTIA courses at the entry-level for IT, which include the A+ certification training or the Network+ certification training. If you are well versed and already have some IT experience, similar to that of a help desk or field technician, you may want to look at the CompTIA cybersecurity training pathway and start with the CompTIA Security+ training course. Another option is the infrastructure pathway which starts with the CompTIA Server+ training course.

Arcitura Courses

If you find that your client profile is looking at specific next generation technologies, such as machine learning, AI and blockchain, Arcitura offers courses that can provide you with the foundational knowledge of these concepts through taking vendor-neutral courses such as the Arcitura Certified Blockchain Architect or the Arcitura Certified AI Specialist.

It Has Never Been Easier

Looking for more reasons why you should take an IT training course so that you can stand out? Consider the fact that there has never been an easier time than now to upgrade. In the past, taking courses to prepare for IT exams resulted in taking time off during the workday, traveling to take the course and then booking an onsite exam. These barriers no longer exist. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, many training companies like TechnoEdge Learning have adapted their training format. Most offer self-paced learning options, with video, additional resources and the ability to take the exam as a proctored online exam. Some courses such as the CompTIA Security+ course have live online instructor-led courses. The options and ability to make training work for you, your way, are now endless.


Want to learn more about the difference between vendor-neutral and vendor-specific training check out our blog.



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