What Each Practicum Module is

What Each Practicum Module is

UC 08 Practicum Orientation – as the practicum becomes closer, all students are expected to attend this session for a further discussion of expectations, logbook assignments, deadlines, etc. Students will be advised by the SSC as to the date of the session

UC 09 Practicum – during this time, students are fulfilling their requirements at a suitable placement.

  • The SSC will stay in contact with your practicum host and will have a Zoom session with them to evaluate your practicum
  • Upon completion of your practicum, the SSC will receive your evaluation from your practicum host

UC 10 Practicum Orientation – one last time, all students are together with the SSC for a session to share details of their practicum experience and to answer any final questions. All practicum assignments must be handed in for evaluation.

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