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What Are Some Useful Human Resources Online Courses?

By: Maria Veras

Published On: July 25, 2022

Are you a Human Resources professional looking to improve and update your skills? Perhaps you are curious about what human resources courses are out there? There is a common misconception that your education stops after starting your career. However continuing education courses are great for aiding your professional skills and taking your career to the next level. Thinking about starting or continuing? Keep reading to find out the best courses to take, at any level of your career. 

Wanting to Become a Human Resources Professional? 

If you have yet to enter the Human Resources field, look no further than the great HR courses at Ashton College. If a career program is what you are looking for, the Human Resources Management Diploma provides an excellent foundation to enter the job field. In fact, human resources managers are one of the top three most in-demand professionals in the HR field in Canada 

Diversity and Inclusion  

A diverse team is always a benefit for any work environment. However, there can be some challenges that go along with that, and it is a human resources professional's job to best handle unique sets of circumstances. The Diversity and Inclusion training certificate course gives students the skillset to tackle contemporary issues in the workplace related to race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, ability, age, nationality and ethnicity.  

Conflict Resolution  

Deferring opinions or positions in a workplace can sometimes cause conflict to arise. As a human resources professional, it is your job to best put issues to rest before they become a crisis in the workplace. To simply not intervene will most likely only escalate the situation or cause it to fester in the work environment. To do this, you require critical skills and techniques to stop conflict in its tracks, which can be provided through this conflict resolution certificate course.  

Change Management   

As our world continues to evolve and alter, so does the workplace. However, change can be scary and a difficult concept for some to tackle. As a human resources professional, it is your responsibility to act as a leader of change. To do so you must be skilled in communication in order to best address staff concerns. As well have change management techniques in place to facilitate a smooth transition, all of which will be covered in our change management certification course.  


Similar to conflict resolution, as a mediator you will act as an arbitrator, i.e. impartial middle person, between issues and conflicts that can arise in a workplace. Mediation is popular amongst HR professionals as it reduces stress, resolves conflict, and restores working relationships. There is an art to mediation, and it is one that can be learned and applied. This mediation certification course will provide you with the tools and techniques to mediate any situation.  

Taking any of the above courses will be a fantastic addition to your resume. Continuing your education allows you to expand the roles you can apply for and grow your career. And there has never been a better time to study than now. Our summer study rebate is on now until July 29, 2022. You can get $50 rebate off your registration fee!  


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