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Unit Clerk Salaries Across Canada: Which Province Values You Most? [2023]

Published On: January 4, 2023

Unit Clerk Salary Overview

Unit clerks are in high demand all over Canada and the best part of having unit clerk training is that you can work in that field anywhere in the nation. Salary should never be the primary motivator for getting into a line of work, but it’s important to get properly compensated for your skills and labour. By analyzing online job postings and self-reported earnings from sites like Indeed and GlassDoor, we’ve broken down the national average salary for unit clerks, as well as the provincial averages.

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National Average

The national average hourly wage for unit clerks is Canada is reported to be between $21-$23 with some clerks making more or less than that. Working for the national average wage in a full-time position affords most unit clerks the freedom to live in even the most expensive cities in Canada. Taking a nursing unit clerk program is a viable career path in any part of Canada.


Salaries reported on vary from $18– $31 per hour with an average of $23.35 per hour. Unit clerks working directly for Alberta Health Services reported higher average wages than unit clerks working for other organizations. Don’t expect to make $31 per hour if you’ve just completed a unit clerk course but know there’s plenty of opportunity for entry level positions and advancements in the Alberta job market for unit clerks.

British Columbia

According to Indeed, the average hourly wage for unit clerks in BC is $25.05, just above the national average. Unit clerks working in Abbotsford reported having an even higher average wage of $23.97 per hour. BC's Living Wage for 2022 was listed at $24.08 per hour – likely with that number being weighted upwards by Metro Vancouver. This makes a career as a Unit Clerk a financially viable option if you reside within British Columbia. A Unit Clerk Certification is valuable anywhere in Canada, but Ashton College is proud to be located in one of the provinces that shows extra appreciation to health care workers.


Saskatchewan comes in just under the national average at $21.25 per hour. Earnings are reported fairly evenly across the province with no major outliers. People with unit clerk training in Saskatchewan can move about the province freely, knowing their work is valued similarly in every city and town in the region.


Manitoba’s average rate comes in at 18% below the national average with a reported hourly wage of $18.39. However, the city of Grandview boasts one of the higher wages in Canada with an average rate of $25.75 an hour. Luckily for Manitobans, the provincial average salary is still higher than the reported living wage, meaning a nursing unit clerk program is a great education option for Manitobans.


Indeed reports Ontario as having an average wage of $24.01. Mississauga has an impressive average of $25.08 per hour, making it a desirable location to take a Unit Clerk Course and advance your career. The generally high wage across the province makes it easy for unit clerks to live comfortably as they pursue their healthcare careers.


The average base salary of a Unit Clerk living in Quebec is $24.08/hour, 8% higher than the national average. What’s more, living in Quebec means you have access to some of the best health care benefits available in the country. Quebec has a strong focus on healthcare and is committed to providing high quality services to its citizens. The province also offers competitive salaries for Unit Clerks, making it an attractive option for those looking to start or advance their career in the health care field.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick sits on the higher end of the national average with an average wage of $24.93 per hour listed on Indeed. Not only do you get to work with innovative medical professionals, but you also get to experience the beauty of this stunning province. From its beautiful coastal views to its charming small-town atmosphere, New Brunswick has something for everyone.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia hugs the lower end of the national average with Indeed reporting the average wage to be $21.13 per hour. The average wage is enough to meet the living wage standard set out by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in most cities in Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, Halifax has recently been evaluated by the organization as needing to earn $23.50 per hour to qualify as a living wage for the city. Beginner unit clerks in the province may want to consider building up their resume in other cities before attempting to make their living in Halifax.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador residents who work as a Unit Clerk an average of $23.87/hour; over 7% higher than the national average. If you live on the East Coast and secure a role as a Unit Clerk, you'll be earning nearly double the minimum wage of $13.75 per hour. The reliable infrastructure ensures that high-quality medical services are available throughout the territory, making it a great place to work as a Unit Clerk. Furthermore, the cost of living is comparatively low and there are plenty of amazing recreational activities available year-round, making it an ideal spot to call home.

Prince Edward Island 

P.E.I. reports an average wage of $22.81 per hour for Unit Clerks. This is much more than the province’s minimum wage of $15.00. This makes a Unit Clerk course or Nursing Unit Clerk program an excellent choice of P.E.I. residents. Life on PEI offers a unique blend of rural and urban living, with plenty of access to outdoor activities for those who love exploring nature. The island boasts some of Canada's most stunning beaches and coastal scenery along with an impressive variety of restaurants and cultural attractions.

The Northwest Territories

According to the Northwest Territories government website, Unit Clerks working in Home Care in the territory earn an average of $41.18 per hour. This places the average salary 80% higher than the national average. Its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture make it a truly inspiring place to live and work. With its low cost of living, ample job opportunities, and generous employee benefits packages, the North West Territories is an ideal destination for those looking for a career as a Unit Clerk.


Unit Clerks residing in Nunavut also earn a much higher wage than the nation average – the average hourly wage is $30.85/hour. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and endless outdoor activities to explore, you’ll be sure to find something that feeds your adventurous spirit. On top of that, the growing healthcare industry provides plenty of job opportunities, ensuring you have stability and security in your career. Put it all together and you have a truly inspiring place to call home.

Yukon Territories

Unit Clerks bold enough to brave the cold of the Yukon Territories will find themselves with the potential to earn much more than the national average. Unit clerks on Indeed have reported an average wage of $32.70 per hour. That’s 47% above the national average! If you’re already in the Yukon Territories and you’re looking for a change in career, it might be time to take a unit clerk online course through Ashton College and start earning what you deserve.

Regardless of what you make, a unit clerk course is sure to set you on the path to an exciting career full of opportunities across Canada.


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