Unit Clerk Certificate Course Live Online Demo Class


October 23, 2020

3:30 - 5:00 PM (PT)

Join us for live online demo class with Sheila Mae Sia, instructor for our Unit Clerk Certificate program.

The Unit Clerk Course is designed to prepare graduates for employment as a Unit Clerk, Health Unit Clerk, Hospital Unit Clerk or Nursing Unit Clerk. The Unit Clerk is responsible for looking after the administrative and clerical requirements of a health care unit enabling the unit to function smoothly and effectively.

Career Opportunities as a Unit Clerk

Graduates of the Unit Clerk Certificate program will be able to obtain a position as a Unit Clerk in either private or public settings. Career options include:

  1. Unit Clerk    
  2. Health Unit Clerk 
  3. Hospital Unit Clerk 
  4. Nursing Unit Clerk  
  5. Emergency Health Service Call Taker 
  6. Patient Transfer Network Coordinator 
  7. Scheduling Clerk

We look forward to connecting with you online! To find our more about Unit Clerk Certificate:


Meet the Instructor: Sheila Mae Sia

"I am an internationally educated nurse and a graduate of Master of Arts in Education. My teaching experience includes being a clinical instructor for 9 years. I taught varying nursing subjects and facilitated the clinical practice of students in several clinical areas. I also taught medical office administration in one of the private colleges in Toronto. I also work as a curriculum developer for the Pharmacy Assistant Certificate Course at George Brown College in Toronto.

My work experience includes working in the clinical area like delivery room, neonatal intensive care unit, and the community. I also work as a pharmacy assistant in one of the community pharmacies in Toronto. My whole career and teaching experience taught me that there’s never a due date in learning. What it takes is determination, focus, and hard work. As an educator, I aim that my students can transfer what they learn in the classroom to the real world."

Live Online Demo Class on Adobe Connect:
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