Tuy Dinh: “I really strongly recommend for other people to think about Ashton”

Published On: August 3, 2021

What do our alumni have to say about their experiences? Our marketing and communications team recently had a chance to catch up with graduate Tuy Dinh, who attained his Immigration Consultant Diploma from Ashton College. He also went on to complete our RCIC Entry-To-Practice exam preparation course and succeeded on his first attempt at the regulatory examination.

Tuy has some wonderful advice to share with anyone who is perhaps considering a career in immigration services or looking to make a major career shift for themselves. One of his favourite things about studying at Ashton College was how the instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and experienced.

Looking Forward

If you are inspired by this story and want to embark on a rewarding career in immigration law, Ashton College also has a number of continuing education courses designed specifically for paralegals and people who work in immigration law. You can also explore our live online Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate program and learn all about the necessary skills, attitudes and understanding of ethics needed to pursue a successful career in immigration law.


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