Tips to Succeed on the CAEL Test Timed Writing Section

Published On: October 19, 2020

Studying the different sections of the CAEL test is one of the best methods of CAEL preparation. By studying each section individually, you can compartmentalize information and develop unique strategies for each section. Ashton College’s CAEL preparation courses take this exact approach to CAEL preparation, guiding students through the test section by section, and providing tips, tactics, and strategies to get the best results on each section. The CAEL test timed writing section is often stressful for test takers due to the pressure of having a time limit. To aid in your CAEL preparation, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips for succeeding in this stressful section.

Practice Typing

Whether you take the CAEL test from home or at a certified test centre, the test is delivered via computer. Your ability to type efficiently will thus have a great impact on how you perform in the writing section.

Typing practice can be integrated into any part of your day, including other parts of your CAEL preparation. If you’re working on your reading or listening skills, try typing out what you’ve just read or listened to. Can you do it without looking at the keyboard? There are also several online resources where you can measure how much your typing speed has progressed and how many words per minute you can write. If you can type at a fast rate, you’ll be better equipped to manage time on the writing segment.

Immerse Yourself in Academia

The CAEL test specifically tests your understanding and ability to communicate in academic English. One of the simplest and most effective methods of CAEL preparation is to engage with academic content on a daily basis. Reading academic books and journals, listening to academic podcasts, and even watching documentaries can help you solidify and expand your academic vocabulary. Observe the different approaches to academic English and attempt to replicate it in your own writing by writing summaries of each piece of academic content you come across. You’ll find yourself writing more confidently and even developing your own style, which will make the writing segment much easier to navigate.

Practice Variety

A broad vocabulary demonstrates a mastery of the English language effectively and that is one of the factors that will be considered on the written section of your CAEL test. Try to avoid repeating words and phrases in your written test. Use varying sentence lengths and structures along with different word choices to demonstrate your grasp of the language.

Expanding your vocabulary can be as simple as taking some of your most commonly used words and phrases and looking them up in a thesaurus to find alternatives.

Take a CAEL Preparation Course

Expert guidance is one of the most helpful study tools available. Ashton College’s CAEL preparation courses break down the structure of the CAEL test and how it is assessed. Students learn what to expect on the CAEL test as well as what is expected of them in order to succeed.

CAEL preparation can be a stressful process given how important the test results are but taking a CAEL preparation course can help alleviate that stress. Ashton’s instructors are able to effectively guide students’ preparations and answer any questions that may arise.  Class discussions and practice tests are used to bolster students’ knowledge and confidence before they take on the actual CAEL test.

Performing well on the CAEL test is an important part of getting accepted to a Canadian post-secondary institution. Practice the above tips and enrol in Ashton College’s CAEL preparation courses to get the most out of your test results.


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