The Practicum Process

The Practicum Process

Mental Health and Addictions Support Worker Certificate Practicum Process

This practicum experience will normally take place when students have successfully completed all their courses.

While we will work with you to accommodate your preferred geographical and site location for school-based practicums, we cannot guarantee a student’s choice of placement or the location of their practicum. We suggest students plan accordingly and well in advance regarding transportation, childcare, employment and other lifestyle arrangements in order to accommodate the likelihood of travel to their practicum.

As we are dependent on our community partnerships for the availability of placements, students are expected to be flexible regarding their assigned placement and to seek to make the most of the learning opportunity available to them. Please refer to the Student Practicum Agreement for detailed information.

Practicum Process:

  • Within two weeks of beginning the MHAW program, students are contacted by the Student Success Coordinator with a checklist of requirements and deadlines of information required
  • Prior to a minimum of 3 months prior to practicum, the Student Success Coordinator will begin the process of contacting practicum hosts to secure a practicum
  • When the SSC has confirmation of placement, the student will be contacted with the required details
  • The SSC will stay in contact with your practicum host and will have a Zoom session with them to evaluate your practicum
  • Upon completion of your practicum, the SSC will receive your evaluation from your practicum host

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