The Most Stable Accounting Careers

Published On: November 16, 2020

If job stability is an important factor to you then you’re either already an accountant or you should be considering starting an accounting career. Every business across every industry needs an accountant in some capacity and that means there are always opportunities for accountants. Earning a certificate of accounting is the best move for gaining access to the accounting job market, but the best way to secure your future is by specializing in specific areas of accounting. Tax accountants and payroll administrators are always in demand and a valued part of any business. We’re going to break down what these career paths entail, and how you can break into these coveted positions with the right online accounting courses and continuing education courses.

Tax Accountants

Whether you’re self-employed, working for someone else, or running a business, filing your taxes is a yearly commitment. Tax accountants are able to find a variety of opportunities as their professional skills are always in demand. Corporations often hire tax accountants due to their refined knowledge of the Income Tax Act and the rights and obligations of taxpayers to the CRA. Tax accountants also have the opportunity to be self-employed and offer their services to individuals and small businesses.

Taking a Canadian tax course gives you in-depth knowledge of how Canada’s tax system works and how to file taxes for individuals, self-employed businesses, and corporations. A tax course serves as an excellent way to advance your accounting knowledge or get started on an accounting career. The Canadian tax course is particularly useful for international accountants looking to work in Canada, as it allows them to tailor their skills to suit the needs of the Canadian market. As long as people are making an income, there will be a need for professionals with a deep knowledge of income tax and T4 filing. Specializing in Canadian income tax is one of the best ways to find stable accounting job opportunities.

Accountants also need to communicate regulations and updates to their clients or employers on a regular basis. An online communication course will provide you with all of the right tools to help your clients understand the work you are doing.

Payroll Administrators

Payroll administrators ensure that every part of the payroll process is calculated properly and accurately recorded. Large businesses rely heavily on payroll administrators as the payroll process grows more complicated as the size of a business grows.

Payroll administrators handle statutory and non-statutory payroll deductions, earnings reports, year-end payroll register, and all other parts of the payroll cycle. Taking a payroll administration course will familiarize you with the Employment Standards Act, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, and the CRA payroll tables. By enrolling in a payroll course, you take the first step towards accessing accounting jobs that are always in high demand. Similar to the Canadian income tax course, the payroll course serves as an excellent starting point for accountants, as well as a great way to build on your current accounting skills. International accountants will also find this course immensely beneficial for getting familiar with Canadian payroll laws and regulations.

An Accounting Career

There are plenty of opportunities to be had in accounting. Online accounting courses are one of the best ways to learn fundamental and advanced skills that accountants use on a daily basis. Ashton College offers a certificate of accounting program to give students the foundational knowledge they need to succeed in an accounting career. The skills taught in the certificate of accounting complement both the Canadian tax course and the payroll administration course. If you’re uncertain of where to start in accounting, or you want to focus on the fundamentals of the field, then the certificate in accounting will help you understand exactly what to expect from an accounting career.

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