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The Benefits of Online Learning

By: Maria Veras

Published On: July 5, 2022

If there was one lesson to be learned from the pandemic, it was that online learning is not only a possibility, but perhaps the preferred method of education for individuals. While in-person classes do have their benefits, the advantages of online learning can often outweigh the former. If you are still unsure whether online classes might be right for you, continue reading for a breakdown of their many perks. 


One of the hardest parts of trying to make the decision to go back to school is figuring out how it can fit into your schedule. Whether you are juggling multiple jobs, family life, or simply an already packed schedule, the added time constraint of a commute and set class hours can be simply too much. But with online learning you can easily complete modules and assignments while also being able to watch your children from the comfort of your own home. Online learning allows for an educational experience that works with you instead of against you.   

Learn at Your Own Pace 

Everyone learns at different speeds and in diverse ways. The great benefit of online learning is that you can easily rewatch lessons or read online modules again. There is no anxiety of asking the instructor to repeat themselves. However, if you do have any additional questions, you can simply email the instructor who will be more than happy to answer any inquiries. 

Learn Wherever You Are  

This is one of our institution's slogans, and for a reason. One the greatest part of online learning is the ability to learn and complete your class work anywhere, anytime. You can watch classes from your home, a coffee shop, or even the beach! And if you are not located in Vancouver, where our campus is, it is no problem at all. Many of our alumni completed their programs from Calgary, Toronto, and many more places across the world!  

Grow Your Digital Communication Skills  

Online learning forces you to grow and focus on your communication skills. It is quite easy to collaborate when your classmate is sitting right beside you, but online learning challenges you to reach out and cooperate with individuals in your class online. As more and more workplaces transition to remote work, this is great for setting you up to be ready for your next potential career. Ashton also offers a great selection of Communication Continuing Education courses, including Communication in the Digital Workplace.  

Practice Time Management  

Online learning often means setting your own learning schedule, as you are not beholden to specific class hours. The added benefit does mean, however, that you must stay ahead in your studies to not fall behind. Time management is a fantastic skill that often requires practice to be perfect. By the end of your education, you will be a near time management expert which will serve you well in any career.  

Refined or New Technical Skills 

Technology often plays a major part in many fields and industries, which means gaining or polishing your technical skills can be especially important. Thankfully through online learning you will have to familiarize yourself with new digital tools and software, and trouble shoot online problems. The lessons gained through this process will no doubt help serve you in your career. If you are curious about the technology field, there is also a great range of Technology and Digital Marketing Continuing Education courses that can help grow your interests and aid you in your career.  

As education and technology keep evolving online learning will no doubt serve an ever more present part in many students' lives. Starting an online continuing education course is easy, practical and helps take your career where you want it to go. If you have been thinking of taking a course now is the perfect time, you can have a $50 registration fee rebate on any continuing education course when you register by July 29! Just use code ce0617 at check out. 



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