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The Benefits of Getting Certified with the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators

By: Maria Veras

Published On: January 31, 2023

Unit Clerk professionals hold many major duties on the hospital floor. Between dictating important information to providing a direct dialogue with patients, it is a career that holds many benefits and many responsibilities. That is why it is key for unit clerk professionals to gain certification from a professional organization, after earning their Unit Clerk Certificate, to make sure they can stay up-to-date and be the best professionals possible. Read on to learn all about the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators and some of the great benefits of being certified by them. 

What is the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators? 

The National Association of Health Unit Coordinators, or NAHUC for short, is an internationally recognized professional association for health unit coordinators and other frontline healthcare professionals performing similar tasks. Its focus is on the professional development and promotion of health unit coordinators as a profession through education and certification. Learn more about getting your certification through NAHUC here:

Resume benefits  

In today's competitive work field, having additional education and certification is an added aid when applying for jobs or seeking promotions. By becoming certified, you will be able to stand out amongst applicants and even be able to apply for promotions within your work.   

Professional development and education opportunities  

There is a common misconception that your education should end after completing your degree. However, as the world and its conditions shift and change, it is essential to keep updated on the latest professional developments. However, finding professional development resources can be difficult, especially quality resources. By joining NAHUC, you will have access to many kinds of professional development tools, as well as different educational opportunities to expand your knowledge in the field.  


One of the most important aspects of any field is building connections with fellow professionals. This is key from a professional perspective. The more connections one has, the better one will be able to create upward progress in their career. Networking is also important from a social perspective. Meeting fellow professionals who understand the job's day-to-day and can share its joys and frustration with you can be a huge aid, especially to those just joining the healthcare field. Luckily NAHUC is a fantastic place for fellow unit clerks and other healthcare professionals to connect. You will be able to share your perspectives on the field and even share what job opportunities are out there. 


Further touching on the previous point, having support when starting your career can mean everything when it comes to succeeding in that career. It can be very daunting to begin a new career. Whether it's sharing professional doubts or stress with others, having a group in your corner, or self-advocating for your rights as a health unit coordinator, support can help give you the confidence to excel. 

Overall, the benefits of joining the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators heavily outweigh the costs. The NAHUC helps provide you with the education, professional development, network and support to give you a unique competitive edge in the field and ultimately help you become the best healthcare professional possible. 

To hear directly from the NAHUC, watch the exclusive interview with Executive Director Patricia Rice:


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