Yo Okamura – Diploma in Business Management, 2014

Published On: August 13, 2015

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I travelled to Canada to attend Ashton, improve my English, and gain an understanding of the Western business world. During my program, I obtained a work term position with Canadian Tourism College (CTC). I worked for CTC for six months, developing marketing material, translating brochures and promotional materials into Japanese, and assisting prospective students from Japan and around the world. My confidence in my English increased a great deal, as did my skills in marketing and sales.

After finishing my work term, I was offered a full-time role with CTC . Through CTC and Ashton College I have learned so many things, had new experiences and improved my business acumen. At the same time, I feel like I have found the field I truly enjoy. Working in international education, I feel like I can utilize my own experience as an international student to help others, which is a great feeling. I’m grateful to Ashton for providing me with a solid foundation of business knowledge and the initial work term opportunity.

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