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William Howie – Immigration Consultant Diploma Online, 2012

Published On: October 10, 2013

William Howie, President and owner of New Canadian Immigration Services, graduated from our IMCD Online program in 2012.

william howie1My offices are currently in Vancouver and Manila. My wife is Filipino, and so I went into the immigration field with an idea to build on existing connections there.

The best thing about working in Immigration Consulting is the satisfaction that comes from making people happy. If I can help them with getting their relatives to Canada, or getting them to Canada, they'll be tickled pink. The field of immigration is exciting at the moment as well, as the government is bringing in a lot of young skilled workers and students.

My background was in tax – I am a Registered Tax Representative with Canada Revenue Agency – so I chose the program at Ashton to expand my career into other fields.

The research skills I learnt through the IMCD program were really handy. Through the educational processes, I learnt a lot of tricks on how to find information through the government websites to quickly assess clients. I'm using that on a daily basis. The fact that it was an online program was particularly useful as I could have the freedom to choose my own hours and fully concentrate on the course. The flexibility gives you time to spend with your family or continue working whilst your taking the program.

I am just starting out in the field of immigration, but I am very pleased with how things have been flowing, and I am optimistic for the future.

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