Wesley Fong – Certified Financial Planner, 2012

Published On: October 10, 2013

Wesley 6I am currently working for T.E. Wealth, an independent financial planing firm. The part of my job I enjoy the most is just helping clients, servicing their needs and educating them about their finances. We have some clients that are not that financially sophisticated or financially savvy, and so helping them out and teaching them I what I enjoy most as you can see the results as their investments increase.

My degree is in Commerce and I actually started my career in transportation and logistics, but knew after a while that I wanted to change my career. I had enjoyed the planning side of logistics, and thought that financial planning fit my interests because I've always enjoyed managing my own investments. The program at Ashton appealed to me because the flexibility meant I could continue working.

The courses I took at Ashton were extremely relevant to what I'm doing now – the financial planning foundation I learnt through Ashton College is something I use now in my own day-to-day work. I would say as well that time management and prioritizing where big skills I have taken forward in my career.

Like I said, I really liked the flexibility of the program, and also the fact that we were encouraged to do some work in our own time. The teacher was really helpful and was very knowledgaeble. She had been in the industry for quite a while and it seemed as though she really wanted to pass on her knowledge, which I think is very important.

For anyone considering taking the CFP at Ashton, I would say its definitely a great program. It gives a great overview of financial planning and gives you the experience you need. I had no background in financial planning before coming to study at Ashton, without the program I would have been able to write my exam, so for me the experience was career changing. The program was a step deeper than other courses I'd done in the past, it was more than I expected.

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