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Peter Meingast – Immigration Consultant Diploma, 2008

Published On: October 18, 2013

peterI have recently retired as being Executive Vice-President for a commercial HR company, working with corporate clients who would call upon us for human resources services, equipment services, and human resources outsourcing.

Although not directly related to the field of Human Resources, I took the Immigration Consultant program so that the company had a licensed presence in the immigration market, which ties to our international recruitment and search business.

I was introduced to Ashton as I knew people in the company who had taken various programs there, the HR program for example. I went to see what they could offer and I liked what I saw. Ashton's a fine organization and they're on the right track with adult learning.

I chose the Ashton because the program was more hands-on. It was much more real world. There is another program offered by a large institution in Vancouver, which my friend was attending, but it was much longer and very theoretical. If you wanted to get into immigration within a year instead of three years, you went to Ashton.

The classes were so convenient. It was downtown, I was close by, and I went from work to the classes.

The Immigration Consultant program was outstanding. The instructors were excellent. They were hands-on, real-world people. They were active in the immigration business themselves, and so they not only brought the legislative components to the courses, they brought their own “I know what I'm talking about because I'm doing this every day” aspect to the class.

I absolutely use many of the skills I learnt in the program. With the globalization of the world economy, you really need to scan the whole globe for the skills you need. The program helped my career in the company, and helped the company with their clientele – so it was a dual benefit.


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