Luiz Valerio de Paula Trindade – Certificate in International Trade, 2011

Published On: September 18, 2013

international trade liuz thumbI am currently working at a family-owned company called Belmetal in São Paulo, where I also live. I am in charge of the marketing department there, and one of the things I like the most is the fact that each day is different from the next. Although the company I work for mainly operates within Brazil, there will be opportunities to do business abroad in the future, as the company grows. I chose to take the Certificate in International Trade at Ashton College because I wanted to be ahead of the game.

I believe in the power of education as a means to open doors for any professional, no matter their age. If that individual has the opportunity to pursue this education abroad, I think the experience becomes even more powerful and enriching. Additionally, it allows you to move closer to your professional goals and makes you stand out from the crowd. The program at Ashton broadened my perspective, as you interact, discuss and collaborate with students from a variety of countries.

The skills I learned at Ashton College have helped me prepare for dealing with international business, which my company receives from time to time. When such occasions arise, the supply manager always seeks my assistance in dealing with the conversations. Not only have I recommended the school to my friends and co-workers once I got back home, but I can also say now that the school has a tremendous structure, a well-prepared faculty and excellent courses. The CIT program gave me a jump start in the international trade business, in such a way that I am already ahead of my co-workers.

I think the best tip I could give to other students is to jump at the chance to interact with both the faculty and with the students at Ashton College because you will learn a lot from those contacts, as well giving you an excellent perspective on how the business world works in diverse spots around the globe.

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