Luiz Otávio Faria – Business Management Diploma, 2014

Published On: September 4, 2014

LuizLuiz Otávio Faria decided to come to Canada for additional education after several of his friends had travelled and studied in Canada and found that the level of education within the country was exceptionally high. Already working towards a degree in Business in his native Brazil, Luiz decided on the Business Management program at Ashton College. “I always wanted to know what makes North American businessmen and businesswomen so great. Taking a Business Management program in Canada will really open doors for me, and that is why I chose Ashton,” Luiz says about his choice to study abroad.

“I enjoy learning about how the cultures are different and how they can influence business. I love the challenge of putting people from different cultures and countries together in order to make business.”

Before returning to Brazil, Luiz successfully completed an internship with an international trade company. “I worked in market development and it was my job to try and match businesses together from all around the world.”

Luiz is confident that the skills he learned at Ashton College will help him in his future career and put him ahead of his peers. “I loved the challenge of experiencing new cultures. It was really great to learn how to manage new situations and see how working with so many different people really helps you learn as a person.”

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