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Lourena Dicdiquin – Diploma in Human Resources Management, 2009

Published On: October 10, 2013

Lourena won our Lilian To bursary in 2008, and decided to take our Diploma in Human Resources, or DHRM program.

retouched 2I am originally from the Philippines but moved to Canada in June 2008 with my parents to look for greener pastures. I had recently graduated from university in the Philippines with a degree in Psychology, and I was planning on taking a Masters in Human Resources Development. Unfortunately Canada does not recognize my degree as a real degree, so I needed to go back to school for a year. I thought that the Diploma in Human Resources was the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet in this field.

I was so surprised to get the bursary because I knew that there were many others who had been trying. It was the first scholarship I had received so I was very proud. It meant a lot.

My time at Ashton was a wonderful experience as I had a really very good teacher, George. He was really very good and I looked up to him more as a mentor. He wasn't your typical teacher as the way he taught the class was very practical and hands on. Many of the other students had experience in different fields, so he'd get us to interact and relate a lot of our experiences to each other, particularly when it came to discussing real-life scenarios. I especially liked the group projects as we would research projects ourselves.

Winning the bursary and going to Ashton was life-changing for me. It gave me so much knowledge about the workplace in Canada, and it was such a wonderful, eye-opening experience.

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