Kana Takahira – Diploma in Sales & Marketing, 2012

Published On: October 10, 2013

Kana is from Japan and came over to Vancouver to take the Sales & Marketing Diploma at Ashton.

kana takahiraMy job before coming to Vancouver, transcribing audio and video, didn't require any business skills, but I wanted to learn more and get ahead. I was 29, which I think is a turning point in a woman's life. I had actually graduated with a major in English, but I always knew I wanted to study more. After university I got a job and started working, but still had the feeling that I wanted to study.

The Japanese program adviser described the content of the program as though it was two years, not just six months, but when I started the classes, I totally understood what she meant. The quality of the lectures and of the teaching is really high, and I knew what I was learning was genuine.

The teacher was fantastic. He would say, “It's not difficult, it's challenging.” Because of the course, I can now give a presentation in front of people and I'm not afraid of giving my opinions. The curriculum taught me about teamwork and how to work with and deal with other people. The program showed me the way forward and gave me the strength to confront other difficulties.

For students considering Ashton, I would say jump in! I actually looked at a lot of other schools, but in terms of curriculum and the quality of teachers, I thought that Ashton College was the best. The program may be challenging, but it showed me a whole new world, and you get something great at the other end.

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