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Jen Geddes – Diploma in Human Resources Management, 2009

Published On: September 19, 2013

jenI was very keen to make the transition from the agency type of recruiting, into Corporate HR. When I started looking at a number of the different programs out there, Ashton really struck me as just the right fit because of the fact that I wouldn't have to go and recreate the degree that I had from years prior. I could do the Diploma in Human Resources Management program, which was only eight or nine months long, and it would give me the foundation towards the CHRP. There are a lot of programs out there, but Ashton for me was a no-brainer.

When I started looking at Ashton, I thought it was just great because it's got the downtown campus, its was easy for me to just walk after work, and a friend of mine had actually referred me to the program as she was taking one or two classes at the time in the HR string. The decider was the fact that it was more affordable and it was going to accelerate my learning so I could acheive my goals in a shorter time period.

The transition out of agency recruiting was a critical career change for me, and the instructors at Ashton were always wonderful to approach and have a coffee with outside of class just to get their insight in a more informal way. Their assistance and support throughout the program was the highlight of the program for me, and their insights on how to make the transition into Corporate HR were a huge help with my career transition. I found all the instructors to be extremely approachable – specifically George Opacic. He was just an incredible instructor, and I know that he was admired not only by myself but many of my colleagues as well.

It was the skills I learnt through the DHRM program that enabled me to pass the CHRP exams. I would say that the courses I took, whether it was organizational development, employee relations or compensation, are so useful for me in my job every day.


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