Davinder Bambra

Published On: October 26, 2020

My experience was positive. My instructor, Ali Yamini-Ghaeshi, taught the entire class how to use the blue book. He interpreted every section word for word. He shared his experiences with us and his work. We would have discussions in class. He really taught us the basic bones of the law. He would explain, “this is what the law is saying and this is what is happening in real life.”

I followed his strategy in the exam and it actually worked. I did my entire exam within the time limit. He gave us the environment of how it is like to be in a hearing. It makes so much sense. I was super happy to be in his class. He made us work on our applications and showed us how to fill them out, what information goes in which section and how to make your application stronger. He would give us a scenario and we would work accordingly. He pretty much covered everything. He even shared his own experience for the licencing exam, including things not to do and to do. He also invited a former student who shared his experiences, which was very helpful.

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