Alexei Schwartzman – Life Licence Qualification Program, 2009

alexiI am currently employed as an investment and insurance adviser, and during the tax season I work with H&R Block as a tax professional.

I chose to study at Ashton to add more skills to my work and advance my career through education in the area of mutual funds and insurance. The great thing about the courses were that you can start using the skills you learn right away at work. The real-life experience of the instructors was also very important, and I found that the other students were all very engaging and knowledgeable. The flexibility of the classes, being offered in the evenings, was also great.

The thing that really enhanced my Ashton experience were the Program Advisers. Having someone who sees the bigger picture and can advise you on how to proceed with your career is very important and valuable, and I would recommend anyone considering Ashton to talk to your Program Adviser as much as you can.

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