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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Businessman?

By: Kemal Sucu

Published On: January 30, 2018

People always ask what the secret to succeeding in business is … Well, there is no single and definite answer to this question. Each businessman has their own “secret” that has been proven to work in their particular case.


Rather than focusing on someone else’s secrets, I would highly recommend paying more attention to basics that are universally important for all businessmen. From my own experience, I know that following these basics can allow anyone to prosper in their business life far beyond what they expected.

1. Be Honest With Yourself 

The only way to be successful in business is to be realistic. In today’s environment, competition is fierce and life is not as easy as it looks. Thus, you have to be strong to survive in a highly aggressive environment. You must be prepared to deal with a tremendous amount of pressure. You have to think large and be innovative to solve big problems. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not quite suited for this. Be really honest with yourself and answer a simple question: you are capable of fighting for big success? Remember, nobody is going to help you along. Once you enter the world of business, you are on your own.

2. Write Your Own Story and Live It

“Work Hard Doing What You Love”, in my opinion, is an outdated advice for the majority of current businessmen. Working harder alone will not help your business prosper. Working SMARTER will. Here’s the deal: the secret to success is locked in your habits. It starts with identifying habits that hold you back and replacing them with habits that can foster your success.
Everything you do must speak to the core mission or agenda that you set for your company. Make sure you don’t work purely in sake of a financial gain, but rather for something you are passionate about. Broaden your vision to see a complete picture of what your business can offer. Respond to as many social needs as you can. Stay ethical.

3. Do Not Be Afraid to Take Chances

The world is rapidly changing which makes it challenging to be on top of your game at any point in time. Some businessmen prefer to stay on the safe side using techniques and behaviors that always seemed to work for their business. As a consequence, a lot of the times they end up working in a rut. Do not let it happen to you. Against all external risks and your own fears, you have to learn to open up to new ideas if you want to be successful.
You can’t fully grasp the tremendous amount of opportunities existing out there for your business until you step out of your comfort zone and try to do things you have never done before. As for myself, I always stay alert, never stop exploring new trends and learning new things. For example, I start my day with reading news. Focusing on a wide range of topics, rather than just on business, helps me satisfy my thirst for knowledge and new ideas for my business.

4. Focus On Solutions, Not On Problems

What is your approach to managing problems? How do you distribute your key resources – time and energy – while dealing with certain issues? Often times, spending too much time on discussing roots and causes of a problem and trying to find someone to put a blame on is one of the most irrational ways of spending your resources that, otherwise, could be spent towards improving your business. Instead of focusing on a problem, try to prioritize the process of finding a solution and learn from it.

5. Be Loyal to Every Deal You Make

I sincerely believe that success comes from a healthy and trustable relationship with customers and colleagues. These relationships support my business; they motivate me to stay dedicated to what my clients’ needs are.
I always make sure that my word is trusted and my mind is set on whatever the final decision was made. When I shake my customer’s hand, I give my full commitment to our deal. From this point on, backing out is never an option.

6. Have a Motivated Team 

You can never achieve big things in big business by yourself. You need a strong team dedicated to your views and to your company.  Often times, employees leave a company for one of the following reasons:

  • If they feel underappreciated
  • If managers do not place enough importance on them as professionals
  • If they do not receive acknowledgment for the work they do

This explains why I strongly support the type of a work environment where you can reward your team for their job and accomplishments. You will be surprised how this simple act can excel progress and unveil new strengths in your employees. In addition, it will boost motivation and excitement for new tasks and challenges, making your team enthusiastic about coming to work every day.



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