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Take the Next Step in Your Financial Career

By: Maria Veras

Published On: November 1, 2022

The finance career offers an array of opportunities and many different career paths. This field is excellent for future entrepreneurs and professionals seeking self-employment or job stability. Whether you are already in the finance field or aspiring to be, continuing your education and expertise in it is paramount to your career growth. Take a look at these courses that will help you take the next step in your financial career.  

Certification Courses  

In order to be qualified to work in many financial services positions, you must first be certified. These certifications allow you to further your financial career and expand your expertise in the field. 

Canadians Securities Course  

This course will help prepare you to take the CSC® exam and attain your CSC® designation. This is the perfect starting course for those wishing to enter the industry and requiring the appropriate certification for that. Thanks to Ashton College’s partnership with the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) students will receive a 10% discount on CSI registration and textbooks! After successful completion of the course and exam, students can also apply for a mutual fund license.  

Canadian Investment Funds  

If investing is the financial service you want to focus on, this course will help take you where you want to. The Canadian Investment Funds course provides students with in-depth knowledge on mutual funds. It provides a solid background while also allowing students to see where their interests in the field will take them. Most importantly this course is delivered in partnership with the Investment of Financial Services Education (IFSE) Institute and its standards which allow students to have the appropriate education necessary to excel in their CIFC exam.  

LLQP: Harmonized Life License Qualification  

Insurance, especially life insurance, is an especially important thing to have. If you are wanting to enter the insurance route of finance, this course is the perfect first step. It will prepare you for the provincial insurance regulator's licensing exam. 

Financial Planning  

Like with anything else, finance requires a great deal of planning in order to receive an optimal result. This necessitates a financial planner, familiar with a multitude of knowledge on benefits, taxation, laws, etc. As well certification is paramount for employment as a financial planner. Luckily, Ashton College’s partnership with Advocis and accreditation by FP Canada means students fulfill the education requirement needed to take the CFP ® or QAFP exam through FP Canada. QAFP™ certification demonstrates a financial planner’s competence and commitment to the highest ethical standards of responsibility and requires CFP 1 through 12 to be taken. The Certified Financial Planner® designation is the most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada and worldwide. CFP designation requires course 13: Advocis Advanced Curriculum to be taken, as well as CFP 1-12.  

Continuing Education  

As important as certification is expanding your professional repertoire. Continuing your education allows you to add to your resume and your expertise in the field. It also helps you take power and agency in your own business, helping you have greater oversight in your business.  

Canadian Income Tax   

Taxes are a central part of finance. Being able to properly complete your own taxes when you own a business is a great tool to have. Also being able to complete the taxes for other individuals and businesses will also aid your portfolio. Through this course, you will learn the basic rules and principles of filing personal and business income tax and learn about different features within the tax software available on the market. 


As an employer, you will also be responsible for the proper payroll of your employees. This is a key part of any business and one that cannot afford any mistakes. This course will provide you with key knowledge about governmental benefits and agencies, as well as deductions and payroll calculations.  

Overall, the finance field is wide and allows professionals to find and specialize in their specific niche. Whether you are a business owner, looking to become an entrepreneur or wanting to expand your knowledge in the finance field, Ashton College's multiple financial services courses will help you take the next step in your financial career.  


The information contained in this post is considered true and accurate as of the publication date. However, the accuracy of this information may be impacted by changes in circumstances that occur after the time of publication. Ashton College assumes no liability for any error or omissions in the information contained in this post or any other post in our blog. 


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